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Yabatech School Fees Payment For Full & Part Time Student, 2018

This information is for candidates who are admitted into the Yaba College of Technology, Yabatech. This is a rough estimation of Yabatech school fees for 2018/2019 academic session.

Yabatech School Fees Payment

The information is not too accurate, but it is definitely not above the amount and note that it is subject to change. We were unable to access the information on the school portal which by the way you can access here.

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Yabatech School Fees Payment

1. School Fees for ND/HND Part Time = N70,000.00
2. School Fees for ND/HND Full Time = N44,500.00
(This amount is close to accuracy and it is subject to change)
3. Yabatech Acceptance Fee = N10,000 (This fee is applicable to both full time and part time applicants and it is subject to change)
4. Departmental due, Faculty due, SUG due and other miscellaneous (Budget about N5,000.00)
5. Yabatech Hostels fees = N14,000 N17,500 & N25,000
respectively, depending on the one you want. (not compulsory though)

Yaba College of Technology School Fees are paid once every session. (1 session equals to 1 year.) So don’t be a bad boy/girl and collect both first and second semester fee from your parents (that is if they are uneducated)

Note* Please take note that Yabatech does not accept payment by Installments.

1. ND/HND Full Time: It’s a 2years program, 2 semesters in a session i.e 4semesters to complete. 1year = 1session.
2. ND/HND Part Time: It’s a 2years program, 3 semesters in a session i.e 6semesters to complete. 1year = 1session. This shows that the Part Time Students have limited Holidays and more of tight schedules in a session.

How to Pay YABATECH School Fees Online.

Yaba College of Technology, YABATECH school fees are paid online. The online payment is handled by Remita (Click Here To Pay Online via Remita). This is in line with the Federal Government single account policy. Note that all Federal schools in Nigeria use Remita to pay school fees while state and Private Universities can use any payment platform they want.

Closing date

All the PART TIME students of the Yaba college of technology are hereby inform that the deadline for completion of payment of school fees and registration is Friday September 14, 2018.

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64 thoughts on “Yabatech School Fees Payment For Full & Part Time Student, 2018”

  1. Part time is 3 Years o… I just graduated from YCT on Sunday…. The program is very slow and part time lecturers also go on strike like mad too… I advice u guys to take Laspotech rather than Yabatech…

    1. @Victor, did you know the situation and academy calendar in Laspotech?and what is the situation at hand before Yabatech go on srike? thise are the condition you need to consider before lamenting! YCT is still the first, and the first remain the best.

      1. don’t lemme lie to u ….yabatech is not school I will advice you to go for another school buh not lyk laspotech dat do strike yabatech calendar is too slow buh is now 2yrs now by New Rector

      2. That’s how you will be arguing what you don’t know.
        I gained admission in December 2014 and completed my HND program in February 2018.
        Yabatech PT is freaking slow, it’s strike upon strike.
        Laspotech is way faster but people believe Yabatech has better standards but I can tell you they are only banking on old glory, YCT is not the same school anymore.

  2. Wat of full tyme,do dey also go on strike,and is it also slow,and lastly wen would d hnd form 4 2017/2018 form b out?

  3. Acceptance fee is 20,000 please correct the information admin stop deceiving us or how much was the acceptance for the newly admitted students, also the school should be actually stated, stop collecting huge amount and and leaving token on this notice for the view of the masses.

    1. 3. Yabatech Acceptance Fee = N10,000 (This fee is applicable to both full time and part time applicants and it is subject to change)

      it is subject to change

  4. pls how much is the school fees for this year 2017/2018 school fees …pls need accurate amount in other to inform my parent pls …..and the acceptance fee

  5. Hello, I am a fashion designer tho an undergraduate having an o’level certificate and I want to do a year training in industrial fashion or any course relation to Fashion design… I know my subject requirements though. I just wonna know my bill if I can afford the fee.

  6. Good day sir/ma,please I want to ask of the price for ND part time form for 2017/2018 and when is likely to be out. Thanks.

  7. Good afternoon my name is Margaret please how many years does it take to study fashion and design? And can I study that as part time course?

  8. Hello. Plz is yabatech part time OND application form avaailable now? And can anyone plz tell me the first step of what to do. Thanks


    Hello. please is yabatech part time HND application form available now? and pls how much is it

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