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UNIZIK Freshers: Important Info You Should Know Before Matriculation

Before we tell you what UNIZIK Freshers Should Know Before Matriculation, read this quick info on UNIZIK Admission List.

THE Nnamdi Azikiwe University, UNIZIK has released the final admission list of candidates who are admitted into the institution for the 2014/2015 academic session. (

Therefore, all the candidates who chose them as their most preferred in the 2014 UTME and are yet to be offered admission can now check their admission status here -> UNIZIK 2014/15 Final Admission List.

If your name is not among those who are admitted, you are encouraged to apply for the fourthcoming Joint Admission & Matriculation Board, JAMB examination before it is too late. See Jamb 2015 registration guideline here, and read all the latest news on jamb 2015 form, registration, examination and result checking at

What All UNIZIK Freshers Should Know Before Matriculation

What All UNIZIK Freshers Should Know Before Matriculation

1. Freshers Orientation exercise has already commenced.
The UNIZIK Matriculation has been scheduled to take place on Friday 16th January, 2015 by 10am at front of The School Library.

2. Newly Admitted students are expected to pay and get their matriculation materials (i.e. Matric gown, UNIZIK T-Shirt, UNIZIK History book, Audio CD etc) and the total amount you will pay is Five thousand and six-hundred and fifty naira, (N5,650.00) only, (

You will be refund One thousand naira, (N1,000.00) when you return your matric gown. Failure to return your matric gown before a deadline attracts a daily accumulating fee. Be Warned!

3. Ensure you learn UNIZIK Anthem before the Matric day to avoid twisting tongue during Matric. (Not compulsory, but you will save yourself from public shame, and come on, you now a bonafide student of UNIZIK! So flow with the rhyme)

4. Invite your friends and family members to your matriculation. (Please also take note that this is not mandatory, so don’t freak out if you don’t have the necessary funds to host your matric. Save it for your convocation! (But wait, if your family loves you, they will send a representative!)

5. The UNIZIK Matric is not only for newly admitted students that have done their physical clearance. Even those that have not done their physical clearance are qualified to participated in it. (But note that you are not a Bona-fide student until you have completed your clearance)

6. Take a personal picture by a photographer you know his/her permanent stand in the school premises. (Not compulsory, but a picture speak a thousand words)

7. Take group picture with your class/course mates with or without your matric gown. (This is not mandatory, but do it for future reference, you would one day tell your children about your school days!)

8. Now you are a full student of Nnamdi Azikiwe University, it does not end there, in fact the struggle as just begun, you have lecturers to go, test to write, examination and more… Stay focus, Invite God into your life. congratulates all the candidates who are admitted into UNIZIK for the 2014/2015 session.
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