Academic Staff Union of Polytechnic (ASUP)

What Can Students do to End ASUP 2014 Strike?

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We asked a question about what we could as Polytechnic students do to perhaps end the ongoing ASUP strike. Below are the TOP 3 comments and we enjoin every Polytechnic to contribute which is possible for us to organise or implement.

Must Read. Below are the latest two official ASUP strike news as at today. 5th May, 2014
* ASUP Strike 2014: The Polytechnic Strike Is Been Handled— President Goodluck Jonathan
* ASUP are Fast Losing out! FG called them “This Polytechnic People”

Israel Kolo:
Prayer, only prayer.

Evelyn Tare Felix:
We student should all go back to our various institution, let just come together in oneness and go back to our various classes, since we can come together to protest…. Then we can do dis also…. Because Asup are not helping matter at all.

Akins Eltu:
from all indications Fg and majority of Nigerians out there do no care if we av to stay for ten yrs,cos its very obvious,i will advice NAPS and other polytechnics students Union\Body, S.U.G representatives of each institutions, Associations to come together and see how this strike will come to and end. and i think one of such ways is to hold rally and protest in various polytechnics across d country letting our lecturers, Asup know that we are fed up wit there games.and d manner at which they are toying wit our future.
I urge NAPS to work towards the things and solutions i have highlighted.