Waec TimeTable for May/June 2012/2013 Wassce

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Update 29th March, 2013:
The timetable below is for the previous waec candidates

The Waec May/June 2013/2014 TimeTable can be access here–> waec may/june2013/2014 timetable

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This is to inform the general public and most especially all the intending candidates that The West African Examination Council (WAEC), time-table for the 2012/2013 WASSCE in all participating countries has been released.

Waec 2012/2013 Timetable
★ Monday, April 2nd
English language 3 set 1 (oral) 9-9:45
English language3 set2 (oral) 10:15-11:00
★ Wednesday april 4
Chemistry(practical)A 9-11
Chemistry(practical)A 11:30-1:30

★ Tuesday 10th april
Government 2(essay) 9-11:30
Government 1(obj)11:30-12-30

★ Wednesday 11th april
Financial accounting(theoryand practice) 9-11:30
Financial accounting1 (obj) 11:30-12:30
Biology (obj&theory) 2:30-5:00

★ Thursday 12th april
Biology1 (practical)9-11
Biology1 (practical)11:30-1:30

★ Friday 12th april
Chemistry (practical)B 9-11
Chemistry(practical)B 11:30-1-30

★ Wednesday 18th april
Physics 1(practical)A 9-11:45
Physics 1(practical)A 12:15-3:00

★ Thursday 12th
Chemistry 2 (obj&theory). 12-3:00

★ Friday 20th april
Physics 1 (practical)B 9-11:45
Physics 1 (practical)B 12:15-3:00

★ Monday 25th april
Chemistry1(practical)C 9-11
Chemistry1 (practical)C 11:30-1:30

★ Tuesday 24th april
Agric 1 (practical) A9-10:30
Agric1 (practical) A 11-12:30

★ Wednesday 25th april
Economics2(essay) 9-12
Economics(obj). 12-12:30

★ Thursday 26th april
Generalmaths(essay) 9-11:30
General maths(obj)2-3:30

★ Friday 27th april
Physics practical C9-11:45
Physics practicalC 12:15-3:00

★ Monday 30th April
English1(essay) 9-11:30
English 1(essay) alternative B. 9-11:30
English 2(obj) 2-3
English 2(obj) alternativeB. 2-3:15
English test of oral3:30-4:15

★ Thursday 3rd may
Lit-in-english(drama&poetry) 9-11:30
Lit-in-english3&1(prose&obj) 2-4:15

★ Friday 4th may
Geography obj&essay 9-11:40
Geography essay. 3-5

★ Monday 7th may
Commerce2 (essay)9-11:30
Commerce1 (obj) 11:30-12-30
Physics2 (obj & essay) 1-3:45

★ Tuesday 8th may
C.R.K2 (essay) 9-11:30
C.R.S2 (essay) 9-11:30
C.R.S1 (obj). 11:30-12:30
C.R.K1 (obj). 11:30-12:30

★ Wednesday 9th may
Agric science (obj&Essay). 9-12

★ Friday 11th may
Yoruba 2 (essay). 9-11
Yoruba1 (obj). 3-4

★ Tuesday 15th may
History 2 (essay) 9-11:30
History 1 (obj) 11:30-12:30

★ Wednesday 16th may
Further maths (essay) 9-11:30
Further maths (obj) 3-4:30

★ Tuesday 17th may
Principle of accounting(theory) 9-11:10
Principle of accounting (obj) 2-2:50

We wish all the candidates success.

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  • by the grace of God may we go make it dis year all our wish go fantestasic we prayer so

  • We will all make it these year in jesus name amen by reading our note and pray 4 the grace and help of God not of man so that we can succeed in life. Think of it and make use of it. Fear God in all what u are doing ok wish you best of good result these year in jesus name amen.

  • Keep on doing the good work of giving prompt and timely information to your patronizers. However, your time table is different from the one on the WAEC OFFICIAL WEBSITE. LOOK AT IT AGAIN AND MAKE THE NECESSARY CORRECTIONS INORDER NOT TO MISSINFORM AND MISS LEAD SOME STUDENTS AND OTHERS

    • Thank you so much!! This means a lot to us!!
      and thanks for pointing the mistakes out. we will make all the necessary corrections. thanks again Etieyen Akpanda

      Update: this timetable is for the previous candidates

      Waec May/June 2013/2014 can be access here–> waec may/june 2013/2014 timetable