Usman Dan Fodio University, UDUSOK Management Warns Against Indecent Dressing on Campus!!

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We are using this medium to inform the members of the general public and mostly all the candidates who are offered admission that the management of the Usman Dan Fodio University, Sokoto, (UDUSOK) has warned that indecent dressing on campus will no longer be allowed. In their statement, the list of things considered unclad by the university management is provided below.
Indecent Dressing In Usman Dan Fodio University, Sokoto Cancelled
Below are the lists of what is considered indecent dressing in Udusok.

[+] Wearing of any dress that exposes chest, un-buttoned or half-buttoned shirts.
[+] Use of tight/feature-exposing or transparent dresses, sleeveless short blouses, heavy make-ups, and excessive use of jewelry.
[+] Use of worn out or sliced trousers/skirts, T-shirts with provocative messages, and wearing of short/mini-skirts at academic functions. In addition, female students are not allowed to wear shorts outside their hostels.
[+] Wearing of earrings and necklaces or perming and weaving of hair by male students. (No more stud. is that what the called male earring?)
[+] Wearing of dark glasses during lectures (except on medical grounds).
[+] Students should always ensure to appear neat and tidy. (If you are the dirty type that don’t keep his/her stuff neat, you need to have a re-think.)
failure to adhere to the warnings above, attracts appropriate punishments, which ranges from warning to rustication.

You are warned!

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  • Alhamdulillah for what Usman Dangodio Uversity sokoto relised in this very time which some people used to remove our good habit essficially noutherners, our foring fathers where tryed for resolving our character but due to some crash of mind some where involved with what we lean from our foring fathers.