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Want To Upgrade Your Jamb UTME 2021 Score? Read this First!

FOR all those who are looking to get a boost for their Jamb 2021 Result, we urged you to read this first before you Upgrade Your JAMB UTME Result!

Following the release of JAMB Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examinations, UTME 2021 Results, the internet has been swamped in the past few days with fraudsters seeking uninformed candidates to extort in the name of JAMB Result Upgrading.

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jamb result upgrading

But Can You Really Upgrade your Jamb UTME Result?

NO! Capital NO. You cannot upgrade your Jamb Score, even if the person claims to be working at the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board, Jamb office, Abuja. Don’t be fooled. Whatever you wrote during your Jamb examination is what you are going to be scored.

We’ve been inundated with complaints from JAMBites that they have been scammed by unscrupulous persons who promise to upgrade their Jamb UTME Results.

If you see anyone who parade him or herself as a JAMB official or you see people asking you to contact so, so and so for “JAMB Result Upgrading” is nothing but a THIEF. And We hope that the law will catch up with them very soon.

The wishes to advise all the Jamb 2021 candidates to beware of such a set of people as you will have yourself to blame if you send your hard-earned money to them.

We receive this in the comment sections in the 100s every day, but we are sending it to the spam box. Please don’t fall for this cheap scam.

This goes also for WAEC result upgrading and all the upgrades! You need to upgrade yourself to avoid getting scam.

You won’t believe this, but some Jamb candidates have been sending us emails, calling us, asking us to assist them with JAMB upgrading and our response is simple: This CANNOT BE DONE, not even by those working at the Jamb office.

It is sad to see JAMB candidates paying between N7,500 to N10,000 to scammers all in the name of upgrading their Jamb CBT result. Please STOP. You will become a double loser.

Your score is what you will be SCORED. If for any reason you believe you deserve more than what you had in your aggregate score, you can request for JAMB to re-mark your script. The opportunity to do this will be made available by Jamb very soon.

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413 thoughts on “Want To Upgrade Your Jamb UTME 2021 Score? Read this First!”

  1. i wrote my jamb since last week thurday but i have not seen my result and i check online the respond is no result yet ,now what can i do

    1. Hey Chioma,
      You will receive your result via SMS today, and then in 3 to 4 days time. It will be uploaded online for you to verify it.
      Please check back around Wednesday/Thursday.

      Good Luck!

  2. I must say that Jamb or whatever it is just an organization set up to cheat students/youths of their future. The Efficiency of the CBT system is well below average, Nigeria is not there yet if we still want to use jamb for admission processes

  3. Jamb is not jamb again. I wrote today 29 feb 2016, I have not seen my result its saying no result yet but some few of my friends that wrote has seen theirs.

  4. i wrote my exam very well nd i read my books hard after marking d gave me 173 pls they should remark it pls

    1. The opportunity will be made available for candidates who felt they are given the wrong mark to apply for re-marking.

      1. pls help me jamb sent me 196 in my phne ad in internet no result yet wat d pblm d is it possble i upgrade my scorre

  5. pls I want my score can someone help me check it my no 66233438** pls jamb sent it to me but I was deleting some messages and I mistakenly deleted it without reading pls

    1. Congratulations Aliyu Tenimu Mustapha

      Economics = 55;
      Physics = 42;
      Mathematics = 48;
      Use of English = 47;

      Aggregate = 192

  6. Please when will jamb make the remark option available. I know what i wrote and i’m very sure it earns me up to 220-240 and i scored 190. It really isnt fair. Im an aspirant of the university of ibadan , medicine and surgery so please when will it be available

  7. pls are you not going to give everybody 40marks again , cos me I scored 198 and nobody have two heads. so if u don’t give us, u people should no you are cheating on us, nobody has two heads

  8. sir my English from no. 90 to hundred der is no questions only options I read well nd jamb gave me 178 pls is der any addition of marks to d remaining candidate ??

  9. pls oh I did nt aspect wot jamb send for me. l know what I wrote and am hoping to have 230 or 209. on my score, pls jamb should remark my result. and send it to me.
    pls my center number is 65172082FI

    1. 241? Congrats, but if you think you should have scored more than that, then wait for Jamb to announce the remarking of scripts.
      This will be made available after the exam.

      We will let you know when it commence.

  10. God knows best. Pls can i be opportuned to study Medicine and surgery in UI with Jamb score 203.
    I wish if Jamb can pls help the helpless cos our result is not that Good

  11. sir my jamb exam is very very poor due to system error that day sir i sat for the exam on day of 1 march 2016 and some of my friends have theirbown 40 marks why sir

    1. sir my jamb exam is very very poor 176 due to system error that day sir i sat for the exam on the day of 1 march 2016 and some of my friends have their own 40 marks why sir… plzzz jamb should help me and do some thing i tried my best that day sir plzzzzzz jamb you people should hear my cry

  12. plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo jamb am begin you people with papa God name biko nu only God can hear my cry plzzzz jamb help me out i wrote on 1 march here is my reg number65329784cb


  14. Please sir i had 182 and i know this is not my real score.. Please sir help us check or better still we should all be given 40 marks.. This is really unfair.

  15. I had 179. Jamb has made me sad.. Been crying all day. I dont sleep, always reading and all jamb could score is 179. this is not my real score. pls remark it.

  16. adetunji samson sunday

    thank you sir u have solved my problems. Pls will u put it on ur site when jamb is remarking? My score is impossible i scored 247 last year and i hope to get better dis year 170 is unacceptable

  17. Pls help me jamb sent my score 176 that nt my score after givin people 4o mark remark my my resuit just to help us for 4 mark u cnt. Pls am in proble in my home hw after read all night and day pls heip me jamb registration unmber is 66267136j**

    1. Go to Jamb office at Abuja and ask the person inside the office to upgrade your score.
      It cost N4.5 million!

  18. pls, I did my exam on d 8th of March nd I haven’t see my result up to now, and several times I check online, it will only bring no result yet… my registration number is 65659847AI

  19. i will only say one thing this night jamb as cos my a lot and i wrote my jamb at delta state, electronic exam centre A, campus 3, abraka. my exam was meant to start by 9:30 but started by 2pm, what i want to say to all here i know what you all facing at home now but i will say nobody here is facing what am facing now, i will say let us all take our score and go to poly bcos nothing like remark if i most say the truth here, Nigeria don’t have the system of CBT but they are making us write with that no problem, one day those who say is well bco they have the money to help there children will see what we are seeing now

    1. Nothing. According to Jamb, you will need to ‘verify’ your result online. The one sent to you via SMS is not design to be 100% accurate.

      Please print out your Jamb result…

  20. Am speechless and hopeless…i had 178 in my jamb.. I went over my past questions and i observed that some of jambs answers were wrong….i know what I clicked on and hoped to pass but had the most terrifying mark of my life..can amendment be made concerning jamb?

  21. Am speechless and hopeless…i had 178 in my jamb.. I went over my past questions and i observed that some of jambs answers were wrong….i know what I clicked on and hoped to pass but had the most terrifying mark of my life..can amendment be made concerning jamb?.

    1. Amendment might be made concerning your Jamb result. But concerning JAMB. I doubt it.
      Jamb remarking request might commence after the examination.

    1. You Have Exceeded Maximum Number of Checks. Please purchase e-Facility Card to Print Your Result Slip.

      Please obtain Jamb e-Facility card to check your result.

    1. Well, I just re-check your Exams and the score is still;

      Exam No: C38807104
      Centre Name: The Certified Institute of Shipping, Magbon Bus Stop, Badagry Expressway, Badagry, Lagos State

      Subject Score
      Use of English 34
      Government 27
      Lit. in English 52
      Economics 37
      Total Score:150

  22. registraron number :76258297je
    examination number:c23506111
    center:crist the King college gwagwalada abuja.
    utme english government islamic studies economic
    score 147
    examination date :tues Day, May 16,2017 by07:00

    1. Exam No: C23506111
      Centre Name: Christ the King College (C.K.C.), Gwagwalada, Abuja

      Subject Score
      Use of English 34
      Government 31
      Islamic Studies 45
      Economics 37
      Total Score:147

    1. Exam No: C46507143
      Centre Name: Lizdav Academy Nursery, Primary & Secondary School, Along Calvary Road, Ruga Junction, Mararaba, Nasarawa State

      Subject Score
      Use of English 38
      Lit. in English 42
      Christian Rel. Know 64
      Economics 55
      Total Score:199

    1. Exam No: C58905135
      Centre Name: Anpez Centre, 11 Unity Estate, Eliozu- Rukporku Road, Eliozu, Rivers State

      Subject Score
      Use of English 45
      Government 42
      Mathematics 44
      Economics 44
      Total Score:175

    1. Exam No: C50803046
      Centre Name: ETC Centre, Obakekere, Federal University of Technology, Akure. Ondo State.

      Subject Score
      Use of English 42
      Physics 45
      Biology 43
      Chemistry 45
      Total Score:175

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