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Update: UNIPORT Students set Omuokiri – Aluu Community Ablaze! Burn houses and Cars. Yeh!

This is the best news i have heard today on the havoc commited by the allu community. The Aluu Community are in for a show down! The latest news reaching us from The University of Port Harcourt is that the Students has set the Aluu Community ablaze! Burnt cars, houses and the whole community is hopeless.

The students of Uniport who went on rampage today protesting the gruesome killing of 4 of their students.

The Students have set about 12 houses in Aluu community on fire. Remembered that the Uniport authorities have declared a Seven days mourning for the four students.
This is not enough for the students, that the school authority has to shut the school down this afternoon. Uniport has gone on an indefinite strike.

uniport students burn Aluu Community, uniport students set aluu community ablaze

The Report is that Students from other Universities of Nigerian under the umbrella of National Association of Nigeria Students, (NANS), stormed the university of port harcourt to mobilize the students to protest against the gruesome brutal killing of the four boys.

The students join forces and blocked the East West road for several hours before they trooped together and marched to Omuokiri-Aluu community to start wrecking havoc, burning houses, burning cars.

While they were still on the East west road, the students insist that they will only moved out of the road if only the VC, Prof Joseph Ajienka had addressed them.

The Vice Chancellor of Uniport agreed to their plea after securing assurances that he would not berough handled by the students.

Though when the V.C came to plead with his students to shun any form of violent, some of the students get extra angry and started hurling sachet water, canned water at him.

It took the help of the security operative to take the VC out of the spot.

More news on Aluu Community and what is happening to them will be shared here. I hope the whole aluu community got burnt down to ashes.

Do you know that over 3000 People of that dreaded aluu community were watching while the Burnt those students to death?
Do you know that they Aluu community paraded those 4 uniport students in the whole community before taking them to their executing ground?

Do you know that Aluu Community is the worst place to Live in Nigeria?

My heart continue to beat… When all this was going on, nobody among them can call the police to help save those children.
May Aluu Community never see the breaking of a new day.

8 thoughts on “Update: UNIPORT Students set Omuokiri – Aluu Community Ablaze! Burn houses and Cars. Yeh!”

  1. God of vegance arise, may d ppls of Aluu community never go unpunished, who among them (Aluu comm) wil swear dat has never stolen b/4, even if it is ur mother/father or siblins items, theft is theft, i.e if those guys where actual thieves, Aluu pple re heartless n inhuman n wil never in dere life see God. D blood of those innocent student Cwhose parent notoured them up to dat level) soaked on dat ground cause d whole Aluu comm pple pains of d misterious death of dose student til dia generations, may God garnd d departed souls enternal rest, n bear d heart bleedin lost Amen.

  2. l have not had a decent sleep since l saw the video on saturday night.l can’t imagin that people can do such a thing to their fellow human beings.The Aluu community has murdered sleep,they cannot sleep anymore.How can the ground ever forgive them?They have rendered all their generations useless by this singular act.
    The blood of these boys are like the blood of ikechukwu okonkwo which expose Otokoto.The Devil has given them salt and invoke rain upon the people of Aluu community.Justice must be done or the blood of these boys will forever hunt Nigeria.

  3. the entire community should be thrown into the kirikiri and left there forever. they are showing the whole world that nigeria is a lawless nation with no government.
    May those rest in peace

  4. The wickedness of some people is scary. May God judge all those involved speedingly.
    May the souls of those young promising students rest in peace, amen.

  5. May the students gentle souls rest in perfect peace….May God never forgive the ppl of that inhumans community and theier leaders, To hell with all of the ppl of the comm….What a pity

  6. Let other universities join together let’s burn allu community to d ground let’s turn d place desolate let’s make sure eveven animals won’t live dir d. Place is cursed for Eva

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