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Update: The True Story of The 4 Uniport Students Burnt to Death! (Narrated by Journalists and Uniport students)

The true story of The Four Students of University of Port Harcourt [UNIPORT] who were killed for allegedly stealing laptops and mobile phones.
Below are views of some people which includes students of Uniport and a Journalist.

If you can stomach it, you can download the video, you will see how barbaric Alu Community are: download the Uniport student burnt to death here
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Here is a report of Amaka.
Aluu enjoys stoning and burning people to death. I’m from Rivers state and I have always heard of their creulty when they themselves are robbers and kidnappers. Some time ago they almost lynched an hungry widow for stealing an onion in the market. They derive joy in killing. I pity those from that land or anyone that intends to marry from there.

Nekii Deedee Kosa: I’m a student of uniport,and if you have an iota of idea what students and the locals of Aluu community experience in the hands of robbers on a daily basis, even in broad day light, then you will not be quick to judge the pepertuators of this act. My classmate was killed month’s ago in this same community on his way to his room,by a group of guys who wanted his phone. He wouldn’t oblige and he was murderd in cold blood. What did the police do? Nothing. Did you hear of it? Of course not,cause nobody put it up on facebook?

On two different occasions,my female friends,were abused and robbed on their way to their off campus rooms after school, at about 8pm. What did the police do? Did you hear about that? I personally came back from school one day and everything in my room was gone! My refrigerator,laptop,tv,everything! That was the day i made a resolve never to stay off campus for the rest of my stay in school. I took what was left of my properties straight to the campus hostel. I didn’t even bother reporting nothing to no police cause i knew it would be useless. Numerous and i mean numerous of such crimes happen in Aluu on a DAILY basis. These people have cried to the govt and yet nothing is done. Police,police everyday,yet a criminal is never caught. So what do you expect? I’m in no support of this evil killing of these young men,don’t misunderstand me,but maybe this cruel vigilante system is the only way these people have deemed fit to protect themselves. It reminds me of the”bakassi boys” of the eastern communities of the old. This is an outcry to the goverment. They should expect much more of such dastardly acts. If they won’t protect the people,the people will protect themselves.

Just received this on my BB;
My personal investigation reveals that the Uniport students are not thieves, no arms found on them,they went to recover debt from a friend” who now refused to pay, they seized his laptop and he started shouting thieves on them. One ofthem escaped

Anderson Ezekiel Hart
As a journalist I went on an investigative journalism and my findings was that the guys are not thieves but cultist on a mission to kill the leader of their cult group. These guys are from rich homes, two of them move on jeeps. They were incensed by the overbearing attitude of their cult leader and decided to topple him. Not knowing that the place was in the radar by some resolute vigilante boys following persistent handset theft and rape, five of them embarked on a journey around 3am with their axe and knife on hand trying to gain entry into their targets abode. The target who is their cult leader was however sensitive enough to notice their presence and started screaming – ‘thief, thief’ which attracted the attention of the vigilante who rounded them off. One out of the five cult guys escaped allbeit with a gunshot wound he sustained from the vigilante while trying to escape. It was this 5th cult guy that escaped but later died in Agip that narrated the ordeal before he died that gave us the tip that they were set up as thieves instead of an equally bad CULTIST. The things they claim was stolen was never found on them and perhaps some persons wanted them dead all their confessions were waved. I agree Cultism itself is a social problem, but to take a life on the guise of what he did not do is injustice. Perhaps it’s God’s way of giving the cult leader another chance to renounce an embrace God, who knows he would have been the one dead had he not employed the false accusation alarm. I think all relevant investigative agencies should come into this matter especially why some group of persons should defy police order to hand over acriminal. Don’t get me wrong, for attempting to take a soul they deserve to be paid in their coin but this should be done within the arm bit of the law not unsubstantiated accusations and taken laws into our hand in the name of vigilante. One of the major militia groups in Rivers state started with a vigilante and we will not want a repetition of that. THANKS

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4 thoughts on “Update: The True Story of The 4 Uniport Students Burnt to Death! (Narrated by Journalists and Uniport students)”

  1. oh! what a cruel & soulless act may their souls rest in the bossom of the lord amen………..the unworthy chief of aluu village deserve punishment at a high cost, because even if his subject said or imposed such a cruel & inhuman act in him, being a chief he could have thought of the consequences infact he is not meant to be a leader because a natural leader suppose to have feelings & hear the cry of the people he has to be punished brutally he deserved.

  2. @anderson ezekiel hart, I wld think u put arms and weapons found on a thief or robber in front of him and snap those pics. No weapon or stolen item was found in their possession. How convenient for anyone to label em robbers/ cultists. Let’s see d face of the dude they were gonna attack, let’s hear his side of the story. Methink every single version of this inhumane act is a lie to justify the barbaric killing of those guys. Plus if you’ve never killed before, you won’t have the heeart to kill. That guy bludgeoning them should be held… Its not his first time of taking A life


  4. God 4bid! I can’t just stay 4 a minute witout tinkin of d kilin of dose boys, after i watchd d video, i shed tears. I tink dose guys dat were beating dose uniport boys wit sticks, infact woods r heartless murders. Even cows dat’s use as meat 4 consumptn can’t pass 2ru such tuture. Aluu u’ve mocked God ur creator by taking lives unecessarily.pls Govt dose guys dat were hitin dose boys 2 dead,let dia purnishment b severe if dey’re caught. May d souls of D 4 uniport boys rest in d bossom of d lord Amen! Shedding in deep tearssss.

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