Hidden truth about UNN change of course

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Hidden truth about University of Nigeria, Nsukka, (UNN) change of course and why you should begin now to accept your current course as an end rather than as a means to any other course/department.

Fellow Lions/Lionesses, This article maybe useful to the intending UNN Nsukka Aspirants who are contemplating on whether to write for a less competitive course and change department after their year one(100L).

NB: UNN 2015/2016 change of course form is still available now please make the right choice because if you don’t you may pay twice, if you know you cannot score much high in UNN post-utme now is the right time to select another course in a range of course (jamb brochure will helps) because after post-utme you will have limited choice this means that the a few courses that would be given to you to select from through the advert form maybe nothing but let me just take it and be a student of a university.


Even though you will buy the form with N10,000 compare to jamb change of course/institution which is about N3500, not only that those course which was before less competitive would be highly competitive with students who have high scores in utme and putme, yet you are not sure of been admitted that means your N10,000k maybe a waste.

What am saying is that now is the time for you to make the right choice if you need to change course also select a course that match your JAMB UTME subject combination (there are many beautiful course to select from the jamb brochure these are courses you will study in Nigeria with peace of mind), don’t wait after post-utme i mean you may not have those choice after putme.

If you ask those who gained admission into a department other than their most preferred course after ‪the_putme‬ with the thought that they would change course after their first year, they will tell you if they had known how difficult it is to change to a new department they had rather stay at home and study hard for the next Jamb exam as most of them would now settle down studying a course they never want to study in the university which is far! From their 1st,2nd, 3rd, 4th preferred courses.

Because soon they discover that before you change a course in UNN that any department you want to change into must have a vacant.

Soon they discover that before you change a department in UNN you should merit the department cut-off mark just as in jamb and putme.

Soon they discover that most HOD in UNN doesn’t love signing off their students into other departments.

Soon they discover that carry-over is a senior barrier and a need to kit up early for some gsp such as gsp105 for art and gsp201 for science.

There are many other factors why you should make the right choice of course now that the change of course form is still available but time has prevailed me the details, yet feel free to ask your question. tis my delight under the sun to write and expose whatever experience taught me in the quest for success.

I am John Chinedu Emmanuel (aka Greenwish) an Ed. Lion and an LL.B aspirant. I just hope you love this…