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Jamb CBT 2015: UNN Aspirants Who Want to Apply for Change of Course – Read This First!


This is information is for Candidates who chose The University of Nigeria, Nsukka, (UNN) as their choice in the 2015 JAMB CBT.

Let me begin by telling you that your journey to the admission zone has just begun, in fact if you are not aware of this, it began that day that you conceived the idea of sitting for the Joint Admission and Matriculation Examination, Jamb.

Now that JAMB has come and gone, and you have seen your score, analysis it as regards to your course, and maybe due to some factors that can best be summarized by God and fate, you are now deciding to change to another course, i want to tell you that its a good idea. At least your plan B is working. An adage has it that THERE ARE MANY WAYS TO TRAP A RAT, so as you poised to changing course, i know that God wont allow you lose your dream this year, provided you are determined.

NOW GOING TO MY POINT, i have decided to at least give you some clue why so many people don’t get admitted into UNN even after changing course, getting higher score in Post-UTME and/or even getting more than the departmental cutoff for that their new course, so i want you to go through the below points and note them, if you follow my instructions below, and by the grace of God, u wont regret.

1. Make sure the course you are going to apply for in this-to-begin change of course has the RIGHT subject combination. This is very important, for instance, how can somebody that wrote Eng, CRK, GOVT. and lit-eng. in jamb apply for economics? Its wrong, so be careful. So if you’re changing to any course and you are not sure of the right one or course, feel free to get in touch with us.

2. Try to study hard to get a good score in your putme, it will increase your admission chances.

Finally, before you go to change course, pray in faith to God to show you grace in abundance this year, i wish you all the best, its well.

Writer: Blessed Tochi – UNN Student.
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