University of Uyo, Uniuyo Riot!! 3 Students Confirmed Death, Uniuyo Shut Down Indefinitely!

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The latest report reaching us is that the University of Uyo (Uniuyo) has been temporary shut down due to the riot going on! 3 students of Uniuyo has been confirmed dead and they were shut by the Police who were called to calm things down. And according to the report, the Engineering students of the students went for a peaceful demonstration to inquire about the recent change made concerning their transportation fair from Uniuyo Main Campus to Uniuyo Permanent Site. The fee was too much for them… Read more after the pictures.
See the pictures of the students who were killed in the Uniuyo Riot of 12 June, 2013!


… But the Vice Chancellor decided that any students who want to board the school bus from University of Uyo Main camp to Permanent site for lectures had to pay a sum of N200 daily. As a result the Engineering students of the university lead a peaceful demonstration to the Vice Chancellor Office to lay their complains about the sudden change. On arrival the security officials at the V.C’s office tried to stop the students from gaining access to the V.C, the students therefore retaliated by throwing stones at the security officials. The security officials had no option but to call for back-up which lead to the RIOT and unfortunately to the death of the 3 students.

Uniuyo Riot: 3 Students Confirmed Dead as UNIUYO Students Riot

uniuyo riot victim

The police were supposed to come and calm the situation but rather than calm the situation, they employed the use of tear gas to calm the students, as if that wasn’t enough, they fired shots at the Uniuyo Rioting students and killed three innocent students including one Kessy [pictured above]. The students citing that some of their colleagues had been killed, they set the office of the Vice Chancellor ablaze and also destroyed other school properties.

As at the time of writing this report, The University of Uyo has been temporarily shutdown for now until further notice.
In addition the female students of Uniuyo occupying the hostels have all been asked to vacate the hostel immediately for security reasons. will keep you updated.

Please, whenever students are protesting, DOn’t bring in Nigeria Police ooooooooooooooo!!!! even if they want to come, Please do ensure that their guns are not loaded!!!! This is not the first time this is happening in Our Nigeria Universities and I know this is not going to be the last. Paying N200 to school everyday is too much. Do you think all the students have N6,000 just for TP? [TransPort].

Important Notice:
If you have a brother, Sister, Daughter, Son or friend in University of Uyo, please call them to return home, atleast the happy killing Nigeria Police will not shoot them randomly.
Please share this news with our friends on twitter and facebook so others will see what is going on in our Universities.

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  • Hello when will this uncessary killing going to stop in nigeria why is the govment doing this