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University of Ilorin, UNILORIN 2nd Batch Admission List is out for 2018/2019 Academic Session

THE University of Ilorin, Unilorin, 2018/2019 Merit Admission List has been released and candidates who are not admitted are wondering if there is going to be another list, a second batch.

unilorin 2nd batch admission list

Well, here is good news for you all who are yet to be admitted. Information coming in from the Unilorin Registrar, has it that the UNILORIN second batch admission list for 2018/2019 academic session is out!

Update: Unilorin Supplementary/2nd Batch Admission List Out

The latest information reaching us has it that the school has released the second/supplementary admission list of candidates who are admitted into the Institution for the 2018/2019 academic session – Click Here to check Unilorin Supplementary Admission List.

How to Check UNILORIN 2nd Batch Admission List

The management of University of Ilorin (UNILORIN) has released the 2nd Batch list of admitted candidates for 2018/2019 session.

New! As at the time of writing this report, the UNILORIN second batch admission list has not been uploaded on the college’s portal, however, candidates can check their admission status on JAMB CAPS.

When the list is out, you can follow the procedure provided below to check your status;

To check your admission status, visit the school page at;

Enter your login details in the spaces provided and proceed to view your admission status.

Good Luck!

Latest news on unilorin admission list

For those who have not checked the Unilorin 1st Batch Admission List 2018/19 – Click Here
For Acceptance Fee payment and other important Details – Click Here.
Unilorin Undergraduate Academic Calendar – Click Here.

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99 thoughts on “University of Ilorin, UNILORIN 2nd Batch Admission List is out for 2018/2019 Academic Session”

  1. Is there a specific date to which the second list will be released? cuz i have to obliterate the thinking that there might not be a second list(cuz it’s taking forever)!!!! i pray they clear my doubts by releasing it ASAP

    1. No specific date…. They (Unilorin) took forever to publish the first batch… Who knows how long it will take them to release the second batch? We will wait.

  2. im actually really afraid coz ive been seeing it since monday that d 2nd list is out i just hope its not true is it?

  3. Olorode olumide olayemi

    pls we av been chkin d portal everyday…evry minutes but stil d xame tin…waitin for d scnd batch to comot soon…cos i kn nd bliev dat i shal surely laugh last dis yr ova my admsn stuf…as i dn get admsn na GODWIN…

  4. ilorin needs to release this list. It is no longer funny. d frustration, too much…dy should ve pity ..its taking too long


    Hello guys, it is with great delight I tell you that the staylite portal for the University of Ilorin has been updated online.
    So therefore, the second batch admission list will be out this week and latest Thursday the 5th of November in which it will clock one month interval from the release of the first batch if I’m not miscalculating.
    I want you guys to hold up yourself this moment as every thing will be done by the University to make sure we are been admitted and paradventurally if given any course, please don’t complain, just go for it! Who knows!

    However, I have a strong feeling that in as much none of us here scored below the normal expected admission cut off mark, we will definitely be rewarded for our efforts which is sure admission.

    Please take note that the lecture hasn’t started yet, don’t panic about any rumuor reaching you as all question disturbing your mind will be amicably ratified as once as you drop them.

    Throw in your questions cause I have someone right there with sure informations.

    Moreover, I know you guys are anxious at this point and likewise me also especially looking it from a distance of all the efforts we have lavished right from the very JAMB point to the POST UTME point. I understand all the experience and I stand to belief that we can never be denied because we are to peculiar to have passed the exams.

    In addition, this four years or five years of our lives in this great institution will be a very good one for us, we shall have every course to glorify the name of the Lord.

    In conclusion, I want to make you guys understand that our the did has been done.
    I know and I surely know that our names had been included into that list. I rest my case.

    Hasta lavista!
    We made it!

    Pls is this true??

    1. The list will be out latest 5th November? This is 6th Nov. and you are asking if it is true 🙂
      It is not. The list is not out yet.

      1. I noticed yesterday my jamb caps admission status from not admit changes to admission in progress check back letter… November 19

  6. Oni Bisola Kudirat

    The patient dog eats the fastest bone… I know how it feels to be anxious about something. We all just need a little time to think and pray to Almighty to listen to our prayers nd fulfill our heart desire. Everybody want to learn, everybody want to be successful, but behind every successful human there must be a hardship.. so pls let’s chill nd pray. Am also an aspirant nd I pray Almighty will hear our cry nd fulfill it in abundant (amin)

  7. Please Why Is Unilorin Taking Forever To Release This 2nd Batch, This Isn’t Funny Anymore Today Is 13th Nov, Over a Month The 1st Batch Came Out (And We Waited for Like 2 Months After the PostUtme for It to be Released) Are We Going To Wait Another Month Before Its Going To Be Released? The Painful Aspect Is That How Can Someone Score 70%, And Still Couldn’t Make The 1st Batch (Maybe ‘Cos Surname Don’t Start With Abdul—–) And Some People Were Offered Admission With 46%+ PostUtme Score……
    .May God Grant Our Heart Desire #Anticipating

  8. from a reliable source i heard d list will b out dis week. I dnt knw ow sure it is, d main thing is for our names to b der ijn amen

  9. Hey guyz i heard 4rm a lecturer dat d vc was on air last 2 weeks and he said it will b out either last week or ds last week has lets hope 4 ds week

  10. Tiamiyu Idris Kewulere

    The Registrar University of Ilorin-Professor Emmanuel D.Obafemi;I greet you Sir in the Names of God:The Beneficient,Most Gracious,Most Merciful.Professor,I am one of the Student who did Post-Utme in UNILORIN this year, My Name is Tiamiyu Idris Kewulere;Registration No:56375294CA.Sir,the 1st Batch Admissions List is Out but my Name is not there sir,i beg you for the 2nd Batch Admissions List.I want my Name to be appear Sir.I pray for you that Almighty God we assist,bless,help,guide,protect and save you Sir.

  11. i applied geograhy ,crs, govt and eng for political sci..i still thinking that the subjects i applied is incorrect and not relate to my course bcos i waiting for unilorin second list that they might not admit me for this ..i wished to change geography instead economic but geography is highest score i got in JAMB than all…reason why i not applied economic,bcos it is the one i got difficult to answer correctly .pls reply on the question i ask..

  12. from the information gathered from different impecable sources it is revealed that the said list has already been compiled and same has also been endorsed by the school senate and federal govt of nigeria(NUC). what seems to be the major impediment on the list of the mush awaited list is not unconnected with some internal problems and assent of the vice-chancellor which is yet to be secured. however, from all indications, it seems the 2nd list would be released b4 the dead of this week. thus, i implore all the aspirants to the patient and prayerfull

  13. Omomayowa Olorunda

    LegendK,we’ll definitely hav patient,but are u assuring us that they’ll release it cus am a D.E student and many pple has bin expecting me to go back to school,are they going to release it 4 SURE?

  14. Sigh!,seriously what i’m going through right now is hell and unilorin is adding salt to my injury i dont really comment like this buh i’m forced today seriously Nigeria is something else when is Nigeria going to be good?be wise aspirants going to school and doing something else is just to make money for example donjazzy,mercy johnson,dband and lots more dropped out and they are mega rich.My dad got a friend also that man cant write his full name buh this man goes to dubai like he’s going to his room he’s a business man. Another problem is that after your years in school there would be probably no job unless you got connection *smh* BE WISE LEADERS OF TOMORROW.GOD BLESS NIGERIA.

  15. Osu mi o! I cnt even do witout thinking and afraid in a day! Help us beg unilorin na! I cnt even sleep earlier again! May God help us sha! i knw our name z dier, dey shud just tel us to cum and start shikana!

  16. It shall b well for dos who re still optimistic bt dos who re already discouraged nd re bn pessimistic abt d admission u had beta change ur thought….I pray u pple re offered admission bt to be candid u pple should av concluded ur mind to b seeking admission in one of d most disappointing uni nd ofcourse d most heart broken school.jst relax nd b anticipating ur admission. jst b prepared to work extra hrs as lecture has commenced in full scale…..engr d.e student i pity u ooooo

  17. odm is best advise to all my dear unilorin aspire, should go to learning or do something for money and leave unilorin. but u will go unilorin after they admit u on second list. we have waiting second list to out for two months now but yet not out. There are 30 875 of candidates score 50 ab and hopeful for second list but they will admit 7800 on second list. wht abt other candidates that hopeful for second list but yet not be given admi at end. We will regret for hopeful and embarrassing. although unilorin admitted those who met their course require, there are someonr already admitted with 46% in computer science but the course cut off mark is 66 and other 53% in economic but its required is 66. The one met course required yet not be admity. This will do the same in second list. my elder bro’s wife graduated from college of education at Zaire and unabuja. she is now a teacher and salary her 30k every month. hw spent she had education like this while other that don’t go school has highest salary and get richer. and again, my cousin graduated from polytechnics of Agriculture but no job..He has tried for three month but no found. He final wants to be a police. and again, at my furniture work, my oga’s Son and daughters graduated from different higher institutions but no job… I final condemned all Nigerian’s higher institution for no job to those that graduated and corrupt..believe me, many graduated yet no job…don’t sit and hopeful for unilorin..who graduated will tell u hw painful u will hear..ok

  18. The educational sector in nigeria is noting to wrt home abt. but wat can we do? Notin becos we are not recognized so wat we say does not count. Nah only GOD fit help us nd I knw he will. All we ve to do is pray for the mercy of GOD.

  19. my prayer to diz is dat will we all gain admission ijn.let us just have faith in God dat will have been admitted

  20. Lord,you are not a God of partiality..if so,then let my name be in the 2nd list..i worked hard for my marks..pls Don’t let my d efforts be in vain…huh.

  21. I don dey get headache sef coz of dz admission of a thing. GOD plz help me make i name dey fr d second list

    1. I hope this is not the way we will keep on waiting till the first batch will finished their programme. God almighty shd come to our aid and assist us thru

  22. God Please Come to Ma Aid, I scored 70% n 210 in Post Utme n Jamb, Yet Couldn’t Make The 1st n 2nd list…….Unilorin this Is So unfair. Please Any Update on Another List? Do I still have Hope?

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