UNILAG School Fees For Undergraduate Students – 2018/2019

The University of Lagos, UNILAG School Fees Schedule For Undergraduate and Postgraduate Students for the 2017/2018 academic session has been released.

UNILAG School Fees

This is to inform all the undergraduate and postgraduate students of the University of Lagos (UNILAG) that the management has released the schedule of obligatory charges for the 2017/2018 Academic Session.

UNILAG Undergraduate School Fees

UNILAG Fresh Students School Fees

1. Acceptance N20,000.00 N20,000.00
2. Registration N5,000.00 N5,000.00
3. Identity Card N1,000.00 N1,000.00
4. Result Verification N5,000.00 N5,000.00
5. Examination N2,500.00 N2,500.00
6. Sports N1,000.00 N1,000.00
7. Medical Services N2,500.00 N2,500.00
8. Lab. Services N10,000.00
9. Library Services N2,500.00 N2,500.00
10. Students’ Handbook N1,000.00 N1,000.00
11. Information Tech. (IT) N2,000.00 N2,000.00
12. Endowment Fund N5,000.00 N5,000.00
13. Hire of Gown for Matriculation N1,000.00 N1,000.00
14. TISHIP N5,000.00 N5,000.00
TOTAL N63,500.00 N53,500.00

UNILAG Returning Students School Fees

1. Registration N1,000.00 N1,000.00
2. Identity Card N1,000.00 N1,000.00
3. Examination N2,000.00 N2,000.00
4. Sports N1,000.00 N1,000.00
5. Medical Services N1,000.00 N1,000.00
6.. Lab. Services N5,000.00
7. Information Tech. (IT) N1,000.00 N1,000.00
8. Library Services N1,500.00 N1,500.00
9. Endowment Fund N1,000.00 N1,000.00
10. TISHIP N5,000.00 N5,000.00
TOTAL N19,500.00 N14,500.00


  1. Lab. Services are to be paid by:
    (a) All Science Students
    (b) All Science Education Students
    (c) All Engineering Students
    (d) All Language Students (Art & Education)
    (e) All Mass Comm. Students
  2. Loss of I.D. Card N2,000.00
  3. Payment should be made into UNILAG TSA via Remita Platform at any Bank Nationwide.

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