Cry for Help: UNILAG Direct Entry Admission Scam (College of Medicine)

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This post is on behalf of all of us who applied through Direct entry (Cambridge A’ levels/degree and not the School’s JUBEB) to College of medicine, University of Lagos, Unilag.

We want to know why UNILAG will keep calling for direct entry applications year in, year out when they know they don’t admit people (except you know “someone”) with A level certificates and degree in related medical fields as advertised by JAMB and UNILAG.

I know people like myself who were not admitted even after meeting the required cut-off jamb gave. We found out that the process of selecting candidates this year was not open and hereby call on all concerned parties to prevail on Unilag to review all the MBBS/Dentistry direct entry (not JUBEB please) applications for this year and admit those who met the requirements they gave. ‘Jamb brochure’ is our witness that we are qualified.

We demand a review of the admission.

What criteria were used in the selection process?

Why did they not admit all those who met the Jamb and Unilag requirements?

I applied to University of Lagos, Unilag because it is in my knowledge that the School is not partial and Unilag is one of the best in Nigeria when it comes to Medicine. It has always been my dream to study medicine so I really need to know why I was not shortlisted.

With the hope that I would be admitted after meeting all the requirements Jamb gave, I put all my eggs in one basket. I applied to only Unilag but got disappointed.

I refuse to accept failure, the requirements were met, so why was I not admitted?

The Joint Admission and Matriculation Board, Jamb and UnilagĀ  called for those with at least 5 O’level credits in English, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology; mimimum of Second class upper in some listed first degree courses or A’ level certificates – no HND.

In all fairness and truthfulness, even if they were trying to meet a quota, we ought to be admitted because we MET the requirements THEY gave.

Couldn’t jamb have posted us to other schools if Unilag was already full. This is Medicine and not a four year course we are talking about, why dash our hopes so easily?

We refuse to accept that they were trying to meet a quota, why did they then raise our hopes?

Why did they ask us to apply?

Can one year be bought back?

Based on meeting the requirements, we all ought to be admitted. Enough is enough, money does not grow on trees, money was spent in purchasing the forms and processing the application.

I have been traveling to Lagos preparing for resumption because I believed I would be admitted after meeting all the requirements only to be greeted with the admission list that was published. Even at that, no one seems to have an explanation as to why we that merited it were not admitted.

Now, people are of the opinion that the seven people who were admitted used connections – this is the new popular belief. Why should people who used connections be admitted over those who are really interested in studying MBBS/Dentistry? Over people who are really passionate about medicine and its application/practice?

I suggest they recall ALL the candidates that applied for direct entry medicine/Dentistry into Unilag this year with A levels/B.Sc and admit those who met the requirements JAMB and UNILAG gave. Isn’t that what is obtainable in a just and fair society? Harvard admits based on meeting their requirements, so why is Unilag different?

We met the requirements, so admit us please.

Segregation, favouritism, partiality must stop in our admission processes especially when it comes to Medicine and Dentistry.

Please use the comment section below to lend your voice and cast a vote calling for the Unilag MBBS and Dentistry direct entry admission process to be redone fairly and openly. How can only Seven people be admitted? Where do those of us who satisfied all criteria given but were denied admission go?

Please share this post on Facebook and Twitter until it gets to the right quarters. We need an open, free and fair re-admission. We need a new list.

Signed: All disappointed CMUL, Unilag.

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