UNIABUJA students Riot Update: Thugs Deployed To Calm Protesting Students!!

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This is a quick update on The University of Abuja (UNIABUJA) riot, yesterday 19th november, we published the news that Uniabuja Engineering students embarked on a protest over the Failure of the University to complete the requirements set aside by the National University Commission for the full accreditation of their Engineering programmes.
Now the latest information reaching us is that Even untill this hour of today, 20th november 2012, the protest in the institution is still ongoing, meanwhile the University of Abuja, vice chancellor has deployed thugs who are neither school security men nor policemen Who went to the school gate to hijack the school shuttle earlier seized by the student to aid easy movement within the school while protesting.

Not only did they hijack the shuttle, the thugs also went ahead to most of the lecture hall to disperse students who are preparing for today’s paper. The thugs left most of the students injured with harms such as big sticks and matchet.
The students in the male hostel who are angered by what the thugs did to most of their students, has vowed not to relent as they could no longer condole the vice chancellor’s act of empowering security men over students when any issue arise.

This story is quite different from what is currently happening in the Uniabuja Mini Campus..
We hope that the federal government and/or the authorities to come solve this issue before it will become a wierd riot that will take lives.We will keep you informed on all the ongoing at university of abuja.


  • Thank you for the incisive info. Our vc is a thug and must be relieved of all academic activity so that he can continue his thugerry fulltime.

  • We heard the university has been shut down indefinitely? And this i guess will allow the vc to return to his “thug” life? Lol.

  • The vice chancellor has continued to use thugs,fulanis and other illegal means in fighting students other than choosing dialogue. Hundreds of students were wounded simply because the vc has decided to take the laws into his hands.I wonder what our civil right agencies are doing,the lives of students are now unsafe because the vc have continued to use illegitimate means in solving problems other than following the path of diplomacy.why didn’t he use the official school security is a question he alone can answer

  • Why al d riots in our tertiary institutions ! I tot d leaders elected 2 govern these bodies are capable. If truly we’re d leaders of 2moro , we nid 2 b treated as such!! Its enof we’re tot assumed theories in sub standard facilities; school authorities in tertiary inst got to step up!!! I mean STEP UP!!!!!