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Tips To Being A Successful Student in School

Tips To Being A Successful Student

The road to gaining knowledge is a long and somewhat tedious path. It doesn’t really matter what your career path will be after education; full time job or an entrepreneurship, the journey to achieving success begins as a student.

Most problems seen during a person’s career arise from poor or wrong decisions made at the beginning. To achieve a somewhat successful journey through studentship, there are some tips that a student should adhere to.

The right course to study: Nigeria as a nation isn’t fresh graduate friendly; therefore picking a suitable course for the labor market is everything. Most students in higher institutions can hardly give you a good reason why they picked the courses they are currently studying.

They probably choose courses based on frivolous and irrational reasons like; n acquaintance studied it and became very wealth or the name of the course sounds important. As a prospective undergraduate, you should ask yourself questions like; How employable or self- employable is this profession I am about to enter considering the economic situation of the country? Where do I see myself in years to come if I study this course?

Before applying for a course, do your research, talk to professionals in the field you are   considering. Find out how the course is applicable in the country’s economy. Be sure to understand the details of the field you are going into before making a career choice.

1. Mentor-ship: Try and get mentor(s) that will provide advice and guidance as you go through your career path. A professional who has achieved a considerable amount of success in the same field would be a good choice. A senior colleague or scholar that is doing well academically can also be helpful. They help shape your minds and thoughts. They offer help academically and in other aspects of your life as a student. You could call them some sort of “Guardian”.

2. Become a Member of Professional Body: As a student, it is the appropriate period to join a professional organization. You get the opportunity to meet professionals in your field who can later on be potential mentors. Conference, seminars, workshops are organized by this bodies, attending will enhance your knowledge and improve your on the field capabilities.

3. Take External Courses: Learning a new skill can go a long way in improving your employment chances after school. Web designing, aggro-allied business classes, ICAN, language classes, HSE, etc, are courses that one can take to improve or aid employment chances or standard of living.

The internet has made things easy, most of these courses can be taken online and without cost. It is not only about the certification but for self-development.

4. Be A Balanced Student: It is said “Do not let the university pass through you, pass through the university”. Take part in social activities in school; get involved in sports, arts, music. Join clubs, societies and fellowships. If possible take up a leadership role if possible.

This is not the same as joining a cult group or becoming a nuisance. Make your time in school worthwhile, create unforgettable memories.

5. Opportunities outside school: While you are a student, it is best to start gathering information. The decision to either gain work experience or to further your education after graduating is best made as an undergraduate. Find out opportunities in the business and academic world while you are still an undergraduate, that way you don’t loose time.

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