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The Nigeria Polytechnic system has being biased in Everything (Must Read for Poly Student)

Deprivation of Mark in Polytechnics
A while ago I was reading the interview with the best graduating student of The University of Lagos, Unilag 2012/2013 and I Laughed.
The reason for my laughter is not far from the obvious. you’ll observed that many best graduating students from our university system claimed to had gotten 5.00 GPA at least once and something kept lingering in my thought which I discovered to be corrected as soon as possible.

The polytechnic system has being biased for so long about anything and everything.
Could you believe that we (polytechnic students) has being “deprived and discriminated of our Marks”?
DISCRIMINATION OF OUR SCORES has being covered until Now and I deem necessary that the leadership of NAPS foster this “Discovery”.
Do you know that In a polytechnic system, it is rare to hear or read about a student having 4.00 Gpa.
To a large extent, it is because our marking skills has being discriminated upon. And this has prevented students who ordinarily merited distinction to have upper credit, those ought to be in upper credit are in lower credit while those to had been in Pass get below pass and are advised to withdraw.

The apparent discrimination is in the complexity in grading our marks.
The classification below will paint a better picture to my claims and further buttress my point;
Nigeria’s Universities Grading system
SCORE. – Grading. – weighed point
(70-100). – A. – 5
(60-69). – B. – 4
(50-59). – C. – 3
(45-49). – D. – 2
(40-44). – E. – 1
(0-39). – F. – 0

While NIGERIA’s Polytechnics Grading System you will observed that you have A1,A2,B1,B2,C1,C2,D1,D2,E & F each having bisected weighed points opposing that of the university.

What this means is that students in polytechnics cannot have a weighed point of 4.00 point if they have A2(70-74) but in university there is nothing like A2 which is above 70 and equivalent to A1 automatically while the students of polytechnic suffer from grading deficiency. symbolically this happens to grade B,C and D having B2,C2 & D2 against none in the universities.

…Also, By mathematical expression, students in the universities graduates with Pass of 1.50 Cgpa out of 5.00 point which is 30% minimum to graduate.
But that of Polytechnics, students are graduated with pass of 1.50 Cgpa out of 4.00 which is 37.5% minimum to graduate.
Yet we are cheated in the grading system I analysed above and the polytechnics students are made to score a higher minimum of 37.5% than the universities counterpart of 30% else NO Graduation.
NAPS Kindly Consider this plea with Alacrity.
yours Pragmatic.
Contributor – Olaiya Emex Holuwhaseun

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    pls when is rivers state university of science and technology going to post their admission cut-off point?

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