Academic Staff Union of University (ASUU)

The End of 2013 Asuu Strike- F.G

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ASUU Strike 2013 to be Called off very soon- F.G

We are been hoping that the latest news on Asuu strike will be good, and to be frank, we just got one!! This could mean the end of ASUU Strike 2013! But it depends on the Academic Staff Union of Universities, if they are going to accept what the Federal Government is offering. If they decline it, then the rumour going on that Prophet T.B. Joshua said that ASUU strike will be called off in year 2017 will become a reality. (please note that this is just a rumour, and we are very certain that the Prophet didn’t say that.)
read the official statement below. (the below article is originally published at Punch Newspaper Online)

Introduction: Following two meetings (on Thursday 19th Sept 2013 and Friday 11th Oct 2013) of representatives
of the AVCNU (Association of Vice-Chancellors of Nigerian
Universities, led by CVC Chairman, Prof. Hamisu of ATBU)
and ASUU Representatives (led by its President, Dr. Fagge)
with the Vice-President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria,
Arc. N. Sambo, Minister of Education Barr. N. Wike and
others, all Vice-Chancellors have been urged to inform and
enlighten academic and other staff on the following
developments so that we can ensure a return to normalcy in
our universities within the shortest possible time.
Earned Allowances: The N30 billion already released will
now be increased to N40 billion, and should be regarded only as first installment, and not a once-and-for-all payment.
Government will top it up with further releases once
universities are through with the disbursement of this new
figure of N40 million, so Vice-Chancellors are urged to
expedite this disbursement within the shortest possible time using guiding templates that have been sent by the CVC.
2. NEEDS Assessment Capital Money: Government was
cognizant and mindful of the ability of Universities to
effectively/efficiently utilize the N100 billion fund
immediately, hence that figure. However, in addition to
this N100 billion dedicated and already to be made available for 2013, N200 billion (increased from N150 billion previously agreed) will now be earmarked in the 2014 Budget as well as each of the following three-four years until the Universities are brought to world-class standard.
3. Project Prioritization: Universities will now be allowed
to determine their priorities and not be “rail-roaded” into
implementing a pre-determined set of projects with respect to the NEEDS assessment. Decisions are not to be centralized.
4. TETFund Intervention: Government assured that the
operations of the TETFund will not be impaired, and that the regular TETFund intervention disbursement to Universities will continue, unaffected. So the NEEDS assessment capital outlays are in addition to regular TETFund intervention.
5. IMC: A new Implementation Monitoring Committee
(IMC) for the NEEDs ASSESSMENT intervention for
universities has been set up to take over from the Suswan
Committee. The new one is under the Federal Ministry of
Education and chaired by the Honorable Minister of
Education. In addition, to build confidence and ensure faithful implementation and prevent any relapse as before, the Vice President will meet quarterly with the IMC to monitor progress.
6. Blueprint: ASUU was mandated to submit a blue print
for revitalizing the Universities to the Vice President.
7. Official Agreement Document: A signed document
would be issued very soon to itemize the full issues on which this present consensus outlined here, brokered by AVCNU, has been reached.
8. An Appeal to Call Off Strike: The Vice-President
Sambo appealed to ASUU to call off the strike and apologized for the “take-it-or-leave-it” comments credited to the Hon Minister of Finance. All other parties present at the meetings also prevailed on the ASUU leadership to consult objectively with its members to get them to agree with what is now on the table and to call off the strike as soon as possible after the Sallah break of Tuesday/Wednesday October 15/16 2013.
9. ASUU President Responds: At both meetings, the President of ASUU thanked the VP for taking over
negotiations and promised to consult with his ASUU
We keep our fingers firmly crossed, as we await both the
official consensus agreement document and full ASUU
reaction. Statesmanship from all sides is called for at this point in time.
Prof. Mobolaji E. Aluko
Federal University Otuoke.