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Shots, Teargas Fired at Pro-Biafra Protesters in Port Harcourt

Why risk your life like this? This is a one on one confrontation between Soldiers and Pro Biafran protesters.

The army tried to stop them and they resisted and the next thing was serious gunshots into the air from the soldiers, Some of them initially refused to run and I could hear a man shouting ”Kill me’ Is it worth dieing for Biafra?

pro-biafra protesters in port harcourt

Am sure the wise men are in their houses or have flown abroad waiting for the actualization of Biafra. Only them will they come out and rule the Land of the rising sun!

Shot and Teargas Fired at Pro-Biafra Protesters in Port Harcourt (Video)


Police in Nigeria’s oil hub of Port Harcourt on Tuesday 10th November, 2015, fired shots and teargas to disperse hundreds of pro-Biafra supporters as they marched for the release of a key activist, Nnamdi Kanu.

Shots were fired into the air to scare away the protesters in the Port Harcourt City, while air force helicopters were deployed for surveillance.

The police spokesman for Rivers state, of which Port Harcourt is the capital, confirmed the protest but denied the use of either teargas or gunshots.

“Measures have been put in place to handle the situation in such a way that public peace is not disrupted and to ensure life and property are protected,” Ahmad Muhammad told AFP, without elaborating.

The protest, involving the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) group, comes after a series of similar marches in state capitals in southern Nigeria in the last week, despite a police ban.

pro-biafra protesters in port harcourtPro-Biafra shot in Port Harcourt – 10th November 2015.

Free Nnamdi Kanu – Igbo Cry:

Once upon a time…There was a voice that reverberated at 7pm daily round the globe without fear nor fervour…..
A voice that has shaken the foundation of the zoo. A voice that strikes fear in the heart of every evil men that whenever they hear it, they shiver to a point of death…
A voice that resonates and every Monkeys, Baboons and Orangutans will start hiding under their bed to listen to its words no matter how painful it is.
A voice that pierce through the heart and soul of the pedophile Buhari and and his evil allies…they all tremble always whenever that voice speak…..
A voice that is more vociferous than the sound of a gun shot but at the same time sweetens the ear drum of lovers of truth.
A voice that never goes groggy even after preaching day-in-day-out.
A voice that has been casted to speak nothing but the truth no matter how bitter it is irrespective of whose ox is gored.
A voice that has awoken the consciousness of his people to take over their inheritance by whatever means at their disposal.
A voice that gave zero tolerance to docility and inconsistency in the propagation of his message.
A voice that has released the lion in his people. A voice of wisdom and above all a voice that fears no human being born of a woman except Chukwuokike Abhiama……

That voice is the voice of Nnamdi Okwu Kanu a.k.a Kamanu ozuzu OHAMADIKE of the indigenous people of Biafra (IPOB).

The pedophile must understand that that very voice cannot be silenced timely or forcefully hence he intends to unleash the beast in every hardcore Biafrans who at this time are turbo charged.

The voice of Nnamdi Kanu must hit the airwaves again even more vociferous than before whether the terrorist likes it or not.

Nigeria is close to a CIVIL WAR.

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