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TASUED Postponed 1st Semester Examination (2013/2014)

Latest information reaching us has it that the Tai Solarin University of Education, (Tasued) first semester examination has been postponed in agitation to unpaid three months salary.
Due to the unpaid salaries, it has stopped students from taking their first semester examination for the 2013/2014 academic session.

The Dean of Student Affair told NAN, that the 1st Semester Exams have been postpone till further notice due to the statement made by the ASUU (Tasued Chapter), that No salary No Exam. She said, the Exam could start anytime from now so the student should be prepared.

Comrade Damilola Awolaru SUG, Assistance Gen. Sec., in his conversation with some students he advised them to keep preparing for the examination and also wish all the Students of the Institution success in their fourth coming exams.

One of the lecturer said that “An hungry stomach can”t set question.”????? (and I was like, what?? How about students who skipped 1 to 2 meals daily? 101, 010, 001, 110? How can they answer the questions?)

One of the affected students said in an interview with Tasued tabloid said and I quote “most of us didn’t know the reason for the postponement of the exam until recently when it became obvious that the exam will really not hold, it is no longer rumour that the Tasued 2013/2014 First Semester Exam has been postponed”

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