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TASUED Information to all 2012/2013 Graduating Students

THE management of Tai Solarin University of Education is using this medium to inform the graduating students (Mobilized and yet to be Mobilized), are requested to visit the ICT Center between 7th July, and 18th July, 2014 for the verification of their payment receipts (100-400 level) as scheduled below:

1. COAEVOT – 7TH -8TH July,2014
2. COSMAS – 9TH -11TH July, 2014
3. COSIT – 14TH – 16TH July,2014
4. COHUM – 17TH -18TH July,2014

Please note that this verification is important for the release of call up letters.

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1 thought on “TASUED Information to all 2012/2013 Graduating Students”

  1. Dear friends many have been asking after the room 107 for the procurement of the official unn ID card. please understand thesethings UNN still gives official ID card, so that you will not get delayed during clearance. cos you might not have that time to rush to school. Requirements for official unn ID card collection.
    1. your alumni ID card
    2. 700 Naira
    .3. your time. cos u have to wait for 2weeks.
    4. your signatory
    The new venue now is room 11 PRO building UNN. please inform others, cos is derogatory to see a lion or lioness begging during NYSC clearance. love you all

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