JAMB 2016 UTME: Believe you will be admitted, and you will

If you really need to get admitted, but somehow you think you Cant’s, its almost certain you won’t… Last year someone with an average of 202 was admitted in the merit list, am talking about department of Biochemistry in the faculty of Biological sciences in University of Nigeria, NSUKKA, UNN whose cut off as of last session was 226, but one astonishing thing is that this guy had called me earlier before the release of the merit admission list.

I met him in MY UNN Section… He told me that nothing will stop him from being admitted this year, I asked with your average did you think its possible, he replied that he did not think so, that he knows so.

I was moved with these great line of words, I had no option than to tell “May God who gave you the faith to believe, do unto you according to your faith”…..but later he called me back and asked one question again, he said Harry do you believe in Miracles, and I replied yes, immediately he hanged the call.

Now listen to this: immediately he pronounced this words of faith, God did not even wait to admit this my friend in the supplementary list, God was too hasty to manifest or rather reciprocate to this high magnitude thoughts of my friend….When the admission list finally came out, he was surely admitted.

That’s the power of your words, faith works faster with an exponential increase of its magnitude, it doesn’t matter your average, what matters most is your thought and meditations over your condition because whatever you say or thought of yourself will surely become of you(Power of attraction).

I don’t know who is making you feel inferior right now, I don’t know if you are the one weighing yourself down with your thoughts, My dear you are with the keys of your shackles, you remain bind as long as you wish, BREAK it off and free your self, free your mind and thoughts and give way for positivity to take charge.

That person telling you that your average is too low for any course is he the God that made you score as low as you did?? God did it for something, but it takes only the deep sense of divine knowledge to decode the blessings of our disappointments and misfortunes, YOU CAN MAKE IT, IF YOU THINK YOU CAN…that’s what Napoleon Hill said and it has been working for everyone that applies this simple principle.

Again!!! if you think you are beaten, you are, if you think you dare not, you don’t, if you like to win, but you think you can’t its almost certain you won’t if you think you’ll lose, you’re lost for out of the world we find, success begins with a person’s will-its all about state of mind if you think you are out classed, your are you’ve got to think high to rise. you’ve got to be sure of yourself before ever win a prize.

Life’s battle don’t always go to the stronger or faster man but soon or late the one who wins is the one WHO THINKS HE CAN!!!

The Joint Admission and Matriculation Board, JAMB 2016/2017 UTME Application form will be on sale from August 31st 2015. See Registration Details.

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    • Don’t be Princess. For the fact that you are a princess, you should have a lot of maidservants attending to you.
      You should be taking care of your Father’s palace.

      And just like the post title says, if you believe you will be admitted, then you will.
      If you want to, drop what school you prefer, your choice course and a contact to get in touch with you.
      Lets see how we can help.

      But be Happy Princess!!

      • u guyz really touch and change lives here…keep it up… my sch of choice z UNN….course prefer: business management
        if u can assist me here z my no: 08142809****

        • Thank you very much Raphael!
          The only way we can assist you is to provide you with the latest information regarding your school. And you have the poor to utilize the information.

  • pls I hv been a regular victim of jamb.I really need help.my course is LAW.I got am average of 232 in UNN.thanks….

  • I claim my admission right now in jesus name .. MyGOD who made me score 230 in jamb 169 in pstume nd average of 199.5 in education.social studies I BELIEVE HE HAS SUMTIN For ME nd i wnt cry over it again .dis spirit has mademe cry since afta d pstutme but not anymore …injesus name i will make it…amen

  • I claim my admission right now in jesus name .. MyGOD who made me score 230 in jamb 169 in pstume nd average of 199.5 in education.social studies I BELIEVE HE HAS SUMTIN For ME nd i wnt cry over it again .

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