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Student Report on Asuu Strike: who do you think is the cause of ASUU strike, FG or ASUU?

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Yeah what students all over Nigeria have to say about Asuu Strike, who is the real cause of the strike anyways? is it the Federal Government? or is it the Academic Staff Union of Universities officials?
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Student Report about Asuu Strike: who did you think is the cause of ASUU strike, FG or ASUU?
From Joy Ogbeide: ASUU is the cause! Greedy chubby fingers!! is she screaming?
From Oduwale Olusola Michael Durrey: ASUU has being stupid and they have not been doing well since FG have giving them some money, they just have to call-off the strike and start their negotiation aside. I rep OOU.

From Ifeanyi Excel Nwachukwu: APC AND ASUU coupled with FG ALL IN THE NAME OF 2015 PRESIDENIAL POLITICAL AMBITION. (well, she didn’t tell us who is the cause, no she did, all of them including APC?)
From Agboola Muheedeen: None of the above,( This guy must be a son of Asuu and FG? how can students be the cause?) The cause is students because no protest since it happen. Let all the student of various universities that affect with the strike chose their representative to come Abuja for pretesting if not una go stay through out this year at home. (Please all the students say God Forbid! we will not stay home all through this year. Amen) well, Ifeanyi Excel, the Nigeria Students has given FG and ASUU 7 days Ultimatum to call off the strike, read full detail here

From Sunshine Mimi Musa: FG….. Because, if they implemented the agreement they had with Asuu since 2009 their would have been nothing like ASUU Strike in the first place.
From Ezenwa Gift: There are alot of things to be achieved in this country Nigeria. nothing serious would be achieved in this country if we don’t begin to make do of what we have at hand to achieve our desired positive results.
LECTURERS! hmmmm….are they really making conspicuous impact in the education system? or are they just after FAT salaries for their personal interests?
Well,the Edu system need a serious attention. A lot of questions are still left unanswered as regards to our Edu system.
It’s a big pity on us all.
I do not have a take on this issue.

From Adekunle Samuel: Students saying ASUU is d cause of d strike need to rethink, common this guys, are fighting to increase the standard of education, but the FG is only conserned about 2015 elections.
From Bashir Mustapha: Fed govt is the cos politicians steal our check opening private schools beyond the reach of the poor and sending their kids abroad to study to inherit them.

From Joseph .O. Daniel Am sure many of use are wise enough to know how corrupt our country is? no body want to settle for the less they all want to be in over high level, to me the two parties are the cause of this non implement stuff they are dragging, first and foremost federal government are just too weak and selfish to realize the effort of our dear lecturers striving to bring out they best in the Nigerian youth,all they know is whooping millings into their private account, family, business and all sort of rubbish they are investing up on.

And also the asuu members they should be ok with what they av been given atleast they should think about the future of millions of students on street in which they are holding them back from their dear future all in the Name of their selfish interest as well, it now clear to everybody that even asuu are also after the country wealth,if NT so why are they still at home, many of them av house and cars to mention few. yet they are still demanding where as many of the students parent still lives as a tenant. and yet they can foot the bill of their wards. time will not permit me to go on, cause i have many things to do and in fact am angry at the both parties.
Joseph .O. Daniel. reppin DELTA STATE UNIVERSITY (Thank you very much Daniel for your Opinion).

From Adewumi Segun: I think is Asuu. With the way things are in the country, the government has to kip in place all other sectors to make thing normal not concentrating on education alone therefore asuu should accept the money given 2 them and let’s go back two school cause me want to graduate this year ooo.
From Ajibade Nasir: A Federal Government because of her insincerity to fulfill her promise entered into with the ASUU since 2009.

From Mystic Lancelot: Actually, it was FG’s cause but Asuu shouldn’t has kept students waiting for while. Now, students are bearing the consequence, facing the hardship of their uncause. It is not good atleast asuu has to accept the one given & call off. Am mystic N. from Ebsu.

From Stanley Chinedu: This strike has done more harm than good, many student have fall victims of many dangerous things happening,like molestation,rape, some died one way or the other…i can’t put blame on anybody.because Asuu brought their demands since 2006,and they started negotiating with FG,until 2009..SO what they are waiting for is the implementation of what has been sign,and FG gave them 30billion for their Allowance, & 100 billion for infrastructure..was bothering we the student is that we have waste our time doing one thing or the order when we are suppose to be in school studying,,i want Asuu to come back to work because We the student are tired of this long strike.

From Desmond Decency: Fg is indirectly the cause but asuu is directly the initiator…. We can stay in class room while the agreement is implemented.. Rome was not built in a day. But FG is keeping us idle cause i believe the money is intact.
From Kamiyole Oluwaseyi Young Atom: hmm…do you know politics and corruption is playing this game… some lecturers are about to retire so they want to get part of the money from FG known well that if they should retire before its paid they won’t get much of the money and even Jonathan knows this and he doesn’t want that…both of them are playing games with student lives…that’s it #teamUnilag

From James Tenderness: Asuu are the cause, most of our lecturers children are schooling abroad, that’s why they don’t want to call-off the strike.

The students has different opinion on this and if you go through it, you will agree with me that majority of them blame ASUU, while a few also blame Federal Government. and others blame both FG and ASUU.
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  • As for me i ll advice the FG not to mind the useless ASUU because they were trying to fill their own pocket, instead let them implement student loan.