Strange: Delta State University 3 Undergraduates Female Students Beaten To Coma For Stealing P.A.N.T.S

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The latest report reaching us today 28th February, 2013 is that a handful of angry market women had yesterday, beaten three female undergraduates of Delta State University, Delsu to stupor(coma).

According to the report, this ugly incident took place at the popular Asaba Ogbegonogo market, which is located in Delta State, Nigeria.
The three Undergraduate females students of Delsu were beaten for allegedly stealing various P.A.N.T.S at the boutique line in the market. (the things that people do?)

The girls pretended to be prospective customers while the engage in their stealing spree.
The P.A.N.T.S buyers/thieves had paid for two different sets of P.A.N.T.S which they did selected from the hangers in the shop while they allegedly take one more set without paying (which is called stealing

The report said the Undergraduates are regular customers of the shop (wait, do girls buy P.A.N.T.S every day?)
They paid for two packets of mixed coloured (this colour include, red, blue, white, some even have the mixture of seven rainbow colours- Joking Please.) and they took extra two packet along the one they paid for.

Unfortunately for them, the trader whom they bought the Packages from suddenly noticed the removal of packages where they were on displayed. (please girls, how much is one package? N500? N1,000? or N250? The things that girls do em?)

When they were caught, according to our source, the Undergraduate Students of Delta State University were said to have been beaten severely by the angry market women. (market women are always angry people? Am right?)

The Nigeria Police authorities at the‘A’Division Asaba confirmed the incident.

Please my Lovely Nigerian Girls. It is better to buy bend-down-select which is N25 than disgrace yourself in public.
We still love you all. For those who steal- (boys included), one day, one good day, your cup go full and your eye go clear (pidgin english here)

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