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Steps on How to Apply for JAMB 2013 Remarking and Get N100,000!!

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We published a post some days ago that Jamb Registrar, prof. Dibu has challenge any Jamb 2013 Candidate who believe that his or her Jamb Script was wrongly marked, to come over and get it remark… and we have gather more information on this and for Jambites who want to take the challenge should follow the Steps provided below to get his/her Jamb 2013 script remark
Read Here: JAMB Registrar’s Interviewed on NTA- Get N100,000 If Your Script is Re-Marked- Dibu!!

And according to Jamb Registrar, Prof Dibu, you will get N100,000 if your script is wrongly marked, but there is a catch, nothing is done free in Nigeria, you will need to invest N10,000 to get your script pull out and mark in front of you. (Please if you go and your jamb score is upgraded and you are given the cash prize, do well to send some to www.nigeriaschool.com.ng :D)


Step 1. You MUST be in ABUJA. Jamb Office in Abuja is the Headquarters for the board, all Jamb scripts nationwide are usually sent there for marking and this time “remarking”. So, all interested candidates should head over to Abuja Headquarters and your script will be process. The first step is to get to the JAMB headquarters and then go over to step 2.

Step 2. You will need to make a payment of about N10,000.00 (Ten Thousand Naira) to apply for remarking and a receipt will be issues to you so it is official and you cannot take them to court.

Step 3. Your script will be pulled out of the one million plus script and marked in your presence.

SO here are the 2 things that will happen after remarking your Jamb 2013 Script;

(1) If JAMB is correct about the jamb score given to you; then all you need to do is go home and either use the jamb score you had to apply for Polytechnic (if it is not upto 180) or wait for the JAMB 2014.

(2) However, If YOU are correct about the jamb score given to you; JAMB will officially apologize for the error, (of course they will provide a certificate of Apology (whatever that means), your actual marks obtained will be given to you, and according to Jamb Registrar, Professor Dibu Ojeride on Weekend interview on NTA (18th May, 2013) Jamb will give you up to N100,000 (One hundred thousand naira) for compensation.

The Remarking of Jamb 2013 UTME Script starts as from 3rd June, 2013 after Jamb CBT candidates are through with their exams.

We have very quality comments on our previous post, and it is time for you all to take action.

From the comments on the previous post, Godwin Bassey Marcus said he will challenge them, so here is your chance.
Godwin Bassey Marcus Comment
With due respect to Mr Ojerinde, i want to bring to his awareness the fact that many brilliant students have also been punished for a crime they did not commit. Let me use myself as a case study. I was given paper type B in English, type U in Biology, type D in chemistry and type I in Mathematics. I answered questions on my paper type and knew the exact number of questions i had correctly in each of three of the subjects. I couldn’t know what i scored in English because i didn’t answer any of those 15 questions that came from the novels and i wasn’t aware of any novel since no syllabus was given to me when i purchased the form. I used my elder brother’s syllabus to prepare for the exams. When the result came out, i checked and what i saw was unbelievable. It is either Jamb does know the answers to their questions or they deliberately fail me even after using the above stated paper types. Tell Ojerinde that i will challenge them. They should just tell me where to lay my complain.

and he is even more daring:
Check my paper types and remark my script. If i don’t score 300+ then i’ll have to throw away my textbooks. Just remark the scripts so you could see your error.
So who is more daring like Mr Godwin Bassey Marcus?

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  • MY comment is that if Jamb can use their official kindness to look in the result again, and had back the mark they removed from each students mark it will go a long way for us. Of cause we know that students cheated but not all the students please some of students went through sleep less night should enjoying the fruit of our labour so that we can enter the University of our choice please. Thank you and God almighty bless you.

  • na niaja we dey i dnt tink any bady is ready 2tak dis chalenge offad by jamb even d godwin bassey self all na emty treths e no fit stand n i done tink any 1 cn, ecept dose who av d credence in what de shaded com d 3rd of june make i c d pason wey d liva 2face dis brektru chalenge of 100k by jamb! Naso d tin go peace out shalom!

  • na niaja we dey i dnt tink any bady is ready 2tak dis chalenge offad by jamb even d godwin bassey self all na emty treths e no fit stand n i done tink any 1 cn, ecept dose who av d credence in what de shaded com d 3rd of june make i c d pason wey d liva 2face dis brektru chalenge of 100k by jamb! Naso d tin go peace out shalomm!

  • I salute the man/group behind this reliable infomations. I just left my exam hall in an hours ago, and believe you me, the invention of the computer base test is the best measure to reduce exam malpractice intotality, but it also has it own disadvantage. Some computers are not okay, it off it self while candidate is written exam. In my own case I still have about 38 minutes to the end of my exam but the coodinators went to switch off the server completely and walk us out, which means most of us did not finish. The approved time would have been perfect for the exam but they just did what they did to stop us.

    • Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us. So what is going to happen to candidates that didn’t finish their exams? is there any special bonus?

  • Why is ojerinde treating us this way? why does he have to punish the students who cheated with those of us who spent months of sleepless nights and labourious days in preparation? Simply remark, if there is no error, we go our seperate ways, if there is error, keep your #100 000 or whatever, that’s not what we’re asking for, give us the success you denied us and let us forge ahead in pursuit of our life’s dreams. Wouldn’t just that be okay? He has put this up to scare us away so as to cover up for his misjudgement knowing that we wouldn’t take that step. Well, we might not be bold enough for that, but let me remind you that these helpless students whom you denied success have a God whom you cannot scare away. He will repay you for every tear they’ve shed.

  • I bought Jamb form at #5500 and since the centers in my town( Calabar) were already filled as at the time i bought the form, i had to pay #1500 to and fro Uyo on the exam’s day. Now Jamb wants me to transport myself From Calabar to Abuja and also wants me to pay #10,000 before they remark my script. I hope they will live up to their bidding and pay the cash if the candidates end up on the winning side.

  • only God will punish all this jamb officials. I swear u will not go scot free o. When i bought d form nd wrote exam, did u inform me that all this jargons will be done? Now ure all saying rubbish. I swear u will all nt live to see d light of day. U guys ar d ones corruptin d nation, pushin d youths to use illegal means to ensure that they pass thier exams.

  • Yab, no 1’s ready 2 opponise wit jamb chronological matters, where evry tings is money. Let me mak it clear sir, dont tink we ve dat much 2 spent on ur creativities business’YET WE remain poor unachieving,while ur children study ova sea! Dont u tink a graduate can die?innocently bcos of d wicked did of his/her father-let ur concience and dat of ur wife agreed it would ve been good if dis situation assume to affect ur son while u need d best 4him,FOR D FACT dat our leaders refuse jamb 4 state or private admission wouldn’t ve makes u feel u wil lose d majority customers 4ur runs as 2make and history affection where u may expect or b given another chance or go ahead to operate as usual. I no u cant lie,bt u did along with mess because u have’nt be in a poor parent stands to spent d little u have 4education dat offers no profit.hey learn here not enough wil have 2 borrow u dat 10.000 which u lack, else u want to remain poor after giving out ur bleam of 100.000 to numerious candidate who wil defend dems selfs 4 u to spend and empty home.just thank god many r poor who dnt ve even transport apart from education.

  • Hello administrators, with the sense of moral rectitude, i wish to say thanks for the captivating and pricess work you people are doing, more power to your elbows.
    I am extremely interested in going to JAMB OFFICE ABUJA to prove myself. I work hard, pray hard and even wrote absolutely well but to my greatest surprise, “the fake result” they gave me was nothing to write home about.
    My question is this, how am I sure that they will remark my script in my two eyes after paying #10,000, i don’t want a situation where I will just waste my money in transport on 3rd june and on getting there, they will refuse to remark it.
    Pls i want you people to find out the authenticity of that “remarking exercise” from the horses mouth; i will definitely go provided they mean what they said.
    Thanks and God bless as you grants my request.

    • All you need to do is go with a lawyer! They will definitely remark it in your presence, since that is their term when you must have paid the 10k.
      please do let us know all about it if you go..

  • Dear administrators, it’s quite unfortunate that our distinguished professor, Dibu Ojerinde and his officials are playing with the future of the great leaders of tomorrow. Nonetheless, he{GREAT PROF. DIBU OJERINDE} is not a man of his own word{as regard to what he said in NTA}; i was in JAMB Head quarter,Abuja this morning and luckily, i met not less than twenty students who came particularly for remarking. Our countenance turned to something else when they elaborate the anomalous process we should follow in order to get our script r-marked.
    STEP 3-IF YOU WANT THEM TO RE-MARK YOUR SCRIPT, YOU MUST PAY THE SUM OF HUNDRED THOUSAND NAIRA{#100,000}; then your script will be re-mark in your presence; What a pity! But this is not JAMB REGISTRAR told us in the news, if a man of integrity and a great reputation like him can tell lie to the world, what will he expect us {future leaders} to learn from him? What a disappointment!