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secret of secret relationships and why you should let go

Let us take some time out from all the school “wahala” and read a little about relationship! This is also part of Education. If you love it, why not share it with your friends? They too might learn a thing or two about relationship.
Enough said,join me as we welcome Tekena Ikoko, President /CEO = Single But Not Stupid awareness campaign.

The secret of secret relationships and why you should let go

The number one reason for secret relationship is fear. When an individual in afraid of the responsibility of love, he will likely want to keep it secret. When a lady is afraid of the outcome of his love, she will likely keep it secret. When an individual is afraid of what someone, parents, or a group of persons will say about the relationship, they will likely keep it secret.

The greatest revelation from secret relationships is found in wrong timing, expressed by lack of courage, demonstrated by absence of purpose and responsibility, and/or a hidden agenda to just suck this orange and throw it away, in what I can hit-and-run love accident.Before you can master the act of secret relationship, you must embrace hypocrisy, in addition to a gifted specialty in lying and cover-up.

Generally, I teach people that Jesus said in the scriptures “If you would be ashamed of me before men, I would be ashamed of you before my father that is in Heaven”. Also, I emphasis that the bible also makes mention that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost.

Therefore how then does a person come close to your temple and you consider it a secret? So, if there is a reason why we keep secret relationship, then there should be a greater reason why we should be ashamed before God!

If the way I relate with you when we are inside the cover of a house, is different from the way I relate with you when we are outside the house, then there is something wrong about the relationship.

If when we are outside with my friends, you are not my partner and just a friend, but when we talk on phone or inside the house, you transform into my sweetheart, then that is hypocrisy, and all hypocrites are liars, and all liars shall find their place in the pit of Hell!

If a secret relationship is genuine, then let it pass the test of sincerity. Let them bring it out to the open. If it is genuine and of true love, then let it pass the test of accountability. Let them bring it under proper supervision of a grounded mentor and not just to tell your best friend about it.

If a secret relationship has a future, then let it demonstrate maturity and not revolve around sex. Let it never be a platform for the superficial excuses of romance without responsibility. If a man truly loves you and wants to make you his wife, and not his whore, then he should stand up to it, introduce your properly to his friends, family, mentor and pastors.

If a man is ashamed of you before God and men, then tell him you are single but not stupid. Don’t fall into the excuse of “I’m not ready yet, let’s take it slow.” If he is not ready and what is slow, why is he fast with words of love and demand for sex, please tell him that you are single but not stupid.

If she is reluctant to accept your proposal and request to see her people, and yet she keeps demanding money from you, please tell her that you are not an ATM machine, that you are single but not stupid.

Hmm, secret relationships? We have graduated from secret friends, to secret relationships, to secret lovers, to secret sex, to secret BELLE to secret abortions, then SUDDENLY we want OPEN BLESSINGS. Na lie!!! God is not mocked. Whatever a man or woman sows, they must reap!

If you fight to retain people in your life who should leave you for good, then na you take your hand delay your destiny. May God deliver you in Jesus name. Amen.

May God give you grace to embrace wisdom in Jesus name. Amen. May God empower you for change, in Jesus name. I refuse you to be a dumping ground for lust. I refuse you to be waste basket for greet and immorality. I refuse you to sentimental about destiny issues.

Arise….. Arise…..Arise…..this post has brought you light. Your light has come in Jesus name….

Like and share with your friends and boldly tell them, I may be single, but I don’t have to be stupid.

God bless you.

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