Sad: young 23year old UNIABUJA student found dead in a hotel room

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We don’t know how true this story is, but it has been carried by almost all the Nigeria Online Newspaper. from the below picture is the body of a 23-years-old law student of the University of Abuja, (uniabuja) who was allegedly found dead in a hotel room in Abuja.

According to the report, the deceased had went out with an unknown rich man whom she met on facebook to a hotel, also, it was reported that her friends warned her not to honour the said visit to the hotel. but.. when dead comes calling?????? Every advice and reasoning will be thrown out of the window.
Her body was later found the following morning. an autopsy was carried on her and it revealed she was poisoned.

23-year-old UNIABUJA student found dead in a hotel room

All the young girls should learn from this; be careful of the unknown rich men you go out with, most of them have hidden agenda. But sadly, girls will not learn, and am sure every soon again, we will be hearing another sad news of “a girl and an unknown rich man”

If you girl child is going to school (Advice for the parents), please do your best to give them money and provide all the necessary stuffs girls can’t do without (And that is clothes, lots of them, and well, lots of other things girls need that i don’t know). If she still decide to pursue shadow instead of her Education, then she has herself to blame.

Her name has not been released to the general public. may her soul rest in peace. Amen.

please share this info with our friends on twitter and facebook so other young girls will learn from this/


  • our gaLz wil neva learn, wat wil u get nw dat u cn’t get double of it wen u study hard nd get a gud job nd gain respect 4 urself nd ur family.

  • U gals shld try to behave urself o,try to listen to ur parent advise bcose dey knw beta dan u