Riot at Bowen University Iwo Yesternight, Destroy School Properties!

The latest information reaching us here on has it that there was riot at Bowen University Iwo in Osun State last night. As at the time of reporting this, we do not have all the details that leads to the riot, but from the little we gathered, one of the students of Bowen University told NigeriaSchool, that the cause of the riot was over what they called “lack of basic amenities like water and light as well as what they term ‘unnecessary rules & regulations’ being made by school management, plus plans to increase their school fees.

The rioting students destroyed school property, vehicles and vandalized their chaplain’s home. While the students were on rampage, the school security personnel fled but the police was eventually called in to calm things down

One of the student said and I quote:
“Bowenites live by rules, sleep by rules, and eat by rules, but not anymore”

Bowen University is a private university owned and operated by the Nigerian Baptist Convention.
After the riot, we are sure the students will pay for the damage properties.

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