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Reminder: Jamb 2013 Examination Holds this Saturday, 27th April, (plus 20 Useful Tips for Jambites)

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Last Minute Reminder/Advice For Jamb 2013 Candidates. And a tip on what Jamb Mathematics question would look like and how to tackle it.
For all Jambites, Jamb UTME 2013/2014 Examination will hold this Saturday, 27th April, 2013 (which is just 5days from today), Are you prepared? www.nigeriaschool.com.ng

Must Read: Jamb 2013 Examination Holds 27th April, 2013

Here is a great guide for all Jambites and we definitely know it will benefit a lot of people.

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Remember this important info: if you don’t make this Jamb, you will have to wait for Jamb 2014 Form and also, there is no way you can ‘upgrade your jamb score’, so don’t fall into the hands of scamMERs who will promise to upgrade your jamb score from 170 to 270 or even 300, it will not work.

Guide (1). We implore all candidates to Avoid all customized ‘expo’ arrangements like plague. Don’t put your hope on them, they might fail you and put you into distress. freebrowsinglink.com, And not just that, if you are caught cheating during the examination, you could find yourself in jail!!. (on the other hand, i trust what Nigerians can do, but play it safe)

Guide (2). You are advice to visit your jamb examination center atleast once before the date of the examination, so that the examination center/environment on the jamb exam day, will not be completely new to you. (You don’t want to look like a JJC? Right? Because there will be ‘tout’ on that day looking for who to scam). Take time to Look at the classrooms. freebrowsinglink. Feel the area, imagine the crowds and see yourself there, calm and confidence. (believe me, this stuffs work, so take them serious. And between it is for your own good)

Guide (3). Now, a Day before the examination (i.e. 26th April,) please ensure that all required documents (both original and photocopies) are all kept in a place where it can be accessible. For those who don’t know what materials to bring to jamb center, the list below will help you get started.
Requirements to come along with to Jamb 2013 Center
they include; pen/pencil, eraser, jamb calculator, sharpener, log table are kept at a place where your little brothers or sisters can’t get them.

Guide (4.) On the Day of the jamb examination, please leave home as early as possible. (mostly, for candidates whose center are faraway from their home. You don’t want to get there late, Heart pounding and sweating like a Christmas Goat) freebrowsinglink.com (is there anything like christmas goat??)

Guide (5). When you Get to your exam location, keep your composure. Remember this; Other students are also as nervous as you are. Just try to be yourself, do keep calm despite the anxiety within. www.nigeriaschool.com.ng (have i not said this above? Forgive me and continue reading…)

Guide (6). This is very important, ensure you ‘disregard’ all the candidates reading “textbooks” at the exam center. (what have they been doing for the past 4 Months? Reading ‘writing-books?’ or doing- wait, i hope you are not one of them? freebrowsinglink.com). Since you came early, check for your Jamb Seat Number.

Guide (7). On the examination hall, pray to God to lead you successfully. (if you are not a christian, please either give your life to Christ or don’t pray. Because God do not listen to the prayers of sinners). Ha, but God is Love, just accept him as your lord and saviour, he will guide and guard you. (and wait, don’t do this just for the sake of Jamb examination, and after that you return to your former ways, remember … Be not be deceive, God is not MOCK…)
Read the instructions on your Jamb Paper carefully. Do not be disturbed by the ‘ruffling’ sheets of your fellow students in a hurry or who might have started before you, just focus.

Guide (8). During the examination, keep Mathematics aside until you must are through or almost through with other subjects, (if you start with mathematics, you might start calculating English Question) and there is no Calculation in English!! *smile*. When you are through with other subject, you can start tackling mathematics. Use appropriatepenc ­il. www.nigeriaschool.com.ng
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Guide (9). ANSWER ALL QUESTIONS. Avoid any “no result situations”. Turn to kalo kalo in any emergency situation if need be. (I hope you know what is kalo kalo? Or you be Aje-butter?)

Guide (10). Okay, I know you are very brillant. but please, do not rush to be the first out of the examination hall. (this is not primary school days. *laughs* freebrowsinglink.com) and ‘intending’ Law students are usually guilty of this error. But once you are through with your exam, go straight home. Do not discuss the examination with anyone, Not even your closest friend! (unless you want to make ‘New’ friends)

Tips for tackling Jamb Mathematics questions
1. Hello Jambites? Do you realize you have an average of only 54 seconds to answer each mathematic question?

2. Do you also know that reading each question itself, might take up to 15 and 24 seconds? And now, can you really use 30 seconds to solve each question? (you can only if you are a genius!! and i know my good friends here are?)

3. As Usual, there are four types of Jamb Mathematics questions and they are:
(i) Those you can answer by mental elimination of options (options that are not likely to be the answer).

(ii) Those you can answer by mental calculation.
(iii) Those you can answer by written simplification
(iv) Those you can answer only by “full working”. These are otherwise called TIME WASTERS.

4. AVOID those under 3(iv) like a hot iron, until you have answered all those under 3(i) to (iii). Use kalo-kalo method for 3(iv) usually close to the end of the examination. Don’t pretend you can be a Professor of Mathematics because you don’t have the time. This method might also be useful for all calculation- ­bas­ed subjects such as Physics, Chemistry or to some extent, Economics. (Talking of kalo kalo, do you know timbo tinbo… rhyme? Good.)

5. Anywhere possible, use methods and formulas instead of tables (example: 882 – 122= (88 12)(88 – 12). 100 × 76)

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Reminder: Jamb 2013 Computer Based Test has been postponed to 18th May, 2013.

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  • I heard some rumours, jamb is shifted and hold it to 20 next month. Is this true?

  • Jamb 2013 Examination still holds this saturday, 27th April, we are only informed that Jamb computer based test is postponed to 18 may. (we will keep you all updated, if at all the PPT is shifted also)

    • What Amaka? i guess you have not purchased jamb 2013 form?
      PPT and CBT are not the same.
      ppt stands for paper pencil test which has been going on for years.
      while cbt stands for computer based test, candidates will write the exam with a computer system.

  • I was not given writing materials when I bought my jamb form in d bank, I went there days later they said Jamb wil give us during d exam. Is it true?

  • pls i wil b out of internet 4 nw here is my reg no 35771325df once d result is release just check n send it to 08163798202 immediate…dnt borda abt airtym cus once i c it i wil send u

  • I want to know if i can still gain admission into the university of my choice, even after mistakenly chooseing a wrong subject for the exam. I mean i choose biology insstead of maths for enginerring course. Can i still be admitted?

    • We always advice candidates to make sure their subject combination is correct, and we went ahead to list all of it (sorry for digressing from your question), you might be admitted, the chance is low…

  • Some are rumoring that jamb results are out, and the trueth is that, jamb result is still awaiting it will be released on friday and enter net on saturday.

    • Are you talking about jamb 2013 results? please look on the homepage, we have made the post on how to check jamb utme 2013 results sticky.
      please let us know if this is not you are asking and we will do our best to reply you ASAP.