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JAMB CBT: 6 Reasons To Apply For Change of Institution and Course!

IF you participated in the 2015 Joint Admission and Matriculation Board, (JAMB) CBT Examination, and your UTME scores is not up to what is needed for your school of choice. Then you may need to change the preferred institution and/or course, so as not to waste your time, money and then wait for another Jamb 2016 Exam!

Assuming you scored 180 in this just concluded Jamb CBT Examination and your choice of institution cutoff mark is 200+, then you need to apply for change of institution.

Also, if you score 190, and your choice of faculty cutoff is 200+, then you need to apply for change of course! Yes, some faculty/course like LAW, Medicine and Surgery, Accounting, etc might cut above the school general cutoff point.

See the Unofficial Jamb cutoff mark for 2015 – Please take note that this is not official and we will let you know when Jamb officially release the cut-off point for all Institutions.

Students who sat for the 2015 Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) can change their institution and/or course after the conclusion of the examination.

For those who might think that the process is tedious, the Joint Admission & Matriculation Board (JAMB) website has a portal especially created for ‘Post- Registration e-Facilities’ which is designed to address issues arising after registration and examinations.

Wait, you don’t only need this change of institution/course if your score is poor, some JAMBites does not take it upon themselves to do their due diligence before choosing their choice of institution.

Example: A student who can’t afford high cost school. And s/he apply for the said institution without knowing how much they pay per annual, only to find out after the sitting for the examination. Find the full reasons below;

Why would you need to change your course or institution?

* Low UTME Result:

Majority of the Universities in Nigeria, (if not all) have minimum cutoff mark for a particular course – like mentioned above.
So, if you your JAMB CBT score is lower/not up to the required cutoff mark, you may need to apply for change of course and/or institution.

* Location:

If you apply for admission in the northern part of Nigeria and you are concern about the insecurity in these states, then change of institution is necessary.

Or if your family relocate to a different state, then you may need to change your institution.

* High Tuition/acceptance fee:

So you apply for Admission into any Private University, only to find out that you need about 1.3 Million per annual to be called a bonafide student? And your parents cannot afford even 20 per cent of the fees? My brothers and sisters, you need a change of institution!!!!’

Some Jamb 2015 candidates find out that the fees required of them in their choice of institution might be too much and such students are faced with either paying the fees or losing the admission and wait for another full year!

If you find yourself in such dilemma, the best option is to apply for change of institution.

* JAMB Registration Errors:

Mistakes are made by everyone. Some JAMB Candidates make mistakes during their Jamb registration which might become a problem thereafter.

Some students might chose institutions that do not offer the course they want to study, while some who registered through third parties may have gotten wrong institutions/course.

If you are in this category, then applying for change of institution is your only options.

* Incomplete O’level results:

Majority of the Universities, Polytechnics and College of Education in Nigeria does not accept ‘Awaiting results’/
All courses require applicants/candidates to pass certain O’level subjects to qualify.

Take for example, Physics is very important to some students hoping to study engineering course and some others, why it is not needed for those who want to study Accounting, Marketing…

In a situation where a JAMB 2015 candidate has good UTME score but fails a subject required for a chosen course of study, you don’t need magicians to tell you to apply for change of course.

For those who would like to apply for change of institution and/or course, in our next post will show you how to do that yourself. And you have the option to use our service as well.

Please note that the change of institution and course has not commence for the 2015 Jamb CBT candidates. Jamb will announce it on their portal and the scratch card for change of institution will be made available.

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