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5 Reasons Why UTME Candidates Have Not Received Their JAMB 2015 Results

After going through all the reports, we present you the top 5 Reasons Why UTME Candidates Have Not Received Their JAMB 2015 Results.

Disclaimer: Before we began… Take note that this is just Nigeriaschool THEORY, until Jamb release an official statement concerning this. The purpose of this post is not to make Jamb candidates panic. But to educate them, and especially those who are yet to write their Jamb Examination.

News: Can I check my Jamb 2015 Results online? Well you might want to read this!

Update: Jamb Cbt 2015 Result online checker has been enabled! click here to check your Jamb result.

If you are yet to write your exam: You might want to read this: How to write Jamb CBT Examination.


Reasons Many UTME Candidates Have Not Received Their Results

Candidates who participated in the JAMB 2015 UTM-Examination having been complaining of not able to access their JAMB CBT results even though JAMB registrar, Prof. Dibu announced that Candidate’s results will be out 2 hours after the examination.

We have gathered a lot of information regarding this, we are going to show you the top 5 reasons that could have hindered Jamb 2015 candidates from receiving their score/results to their mobile phone.

No. 1 Reason. Examination Malpractice:

If you didn’t play your card very well doing the exam, and you were caught for cheating, the invigilator could have marked your Registration Number for exam malpractice without you knowing.

This could be one of the major reason why many candidates have not received their results. If you fall in this category, you are on your own. OYO! The possibility of releasing your results is ZERO. But if you believe in miracle… You might be able to see your results some days.

No.2 Reason. Wrong Phone Number:

Candidates who provide wrong Phone numbers during registration will find it difficult to receive their results when the computer has finish marking the results.

But candidates whose phone numbers got lost before or after the examination, the only option is to wait for Jamb to enabled their portal for checking it online.

No. 3 Reason. Failure To Submit after the Exam:

If you didn’t submit after the system shuts down, don’t panic yet as JAMB has earlier announced to newsmen that even if a candidate is unable to submit before the system goes off, the computer is customized to automatically do so.

In the process where the computer develops a fault and for that reason your exam was unable to be submitted, it only mean one thing. YOUR WORK IS LOST and not submitted, you be in the “no result” category.

Advice: For those who are yet to write their Examination, we advice you to submit your work when you see the remaining time is about to finish! Don’t cry when this happen. We warned you.

No.4 Reason. Candidates who came late: (AkA. Late Comers)

WE were told that candidates who came late to the examination premises may have their results delayed. (This might not be true… But we are not leaving any stone unturn! And Candidates who are yet to write their exam should take note of this.)

No. 5 Reason. Network Issue:

Your network provider might just be a pain in the a** and why you have not receive your JAMB Score! Taking a quick look at the network providers, we learnt that some of this Networks do not deliver bulk sms to their client. One of them is GLO NIGERIA.

Candidates who used a glo line and have not seen their result, should take note that GLO network might have blocked the result from delivering to your lines! And this is JAMB Fault and not the students. They should have warned the candidates what network to entered while registering for the exam.

JAMB 2015/2016 Candidates who have not seen their results for reasons different from exam malpractice and their work not submitted should not panic, you are advice to wait after the end of the examination on 21st March 2015 as we strongly believe that JAMB will provide an alternative means for you to access your results online.

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173 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why UTME Candidates Have Not Received Their JAMB 2015 Results”

  1. i didnt get to write the examination couse i got to the center late i pleaded to but wasnt allowed. Is there anyway jamb could allow me to write this exam? pls i beg help me

    1. No. If you are not allowed to enter the exam hall. Then there is nothing anyone can do. You need to wait for next Jamb.

  2. I was unable to submit my exam while d time displayed der was 15 minute…d system submitted it I CNT c d result of DAT my subject wch was nt submit

    1. i’m in the same shoes with u..the timer was displayin few seconds left and before i could click de submit button,it submitted itself and now whenever i check my result,its stil saying same thing:no result going crazy&am scared,dont know what to do

    1. I also wrote minb on Thursday last week but they still hav’nt sent mine. What i did was to check it myself

  3. please i have not gotten my result and i wrote on the 12th, and i have checked but they kept on telling me “NO RESULT YET”

  4. I did d exam on 12 lasu i scan in and out i my name was writin in d attendance i submitted my work i even finish 2 hours i dashed dem 1 hour my numbas ar correct. ADMIN WAT Is W

    1. We should direct that questions to Jamb šŸ™‚ Have you tried checking it online?
      A lot of candidates are having the same problem, and only God can help them!

  5. I just checking my result now and they said no result yet, nd i have written since on Thursday last week. Plz help me checking dis might reg 56698779FA

  6. please sir ididnt see my jamb results help me sir this is my registration number 56050413AH please helpme to check it to me 18th march


    pls my name is udeme i wrote jamb last week thursday and i havent seen my results its becoming alarming oh and i have sleepless night because of this pls do something about this pls am begging tnk reg no:56511764EH

  8. I did not do any means of exam- malpractice and i followed the all instructions of exam, I checked my result online but it is not yet available, what am I going to do? this is my reg. number

  9. emmanuella nwaopara

    I wrote on Wednesday 11th HV been checking it but they keep tell in no result yet pls dis my reg. No 56606455IH

  10. wrote on d 12th, having same ‘no result yet’ issue. I have been checking since from that day. I hope its not what am thinking. . .

    1. You Have Exceeded Maximum Number of Checks. Please purchase e-Facility Card to Print Your Result Slip.

      I guess i have checked your score already, and you score 200+ something, please check your previous comment.
      Also, you can use e-facility card to print out your original jamb result.

  11. Admin pls help me check my result . I wrote on Thursday 12th I have made several efforts at using the link you provided but it kept showing server error. My registration number is 55743799F. God bless you.

  12. Admin pls I wrote the exam on the 12 @ bishop james yisa memorial suleja up till now no result yet pls what is going on

    1. Well, all the withheld results has been released!

      Congratulations Baba Mustapha Imam!

      Your Jamb Aggregate = 164

  13. Ave been tryin to check my result bt its writin no result yet.pls help me check sir.reg no… really scared

    1. Hello,
      Please wait for Jamb to upload the results of 27 February online. we will inform you once it is done.

        1. Both of them are still displaying No Result Yet…

          There is nothing you can do. You just need to keep checking and hopefully, they (Jamb) will upload your data.

    1. If you are sure you got more than that, you have the right to request for re-marking of your script.
      The opportunity for that will be made available by Jamb after the examination.

  14. pls help me am totaly frustrated rite nw when i was writing my exam unfortunately my tym got finished and the screen displayed log out and after doing so, when i checked my result it was ”no result yet” pls help me my reg. no is 66054610IJ i wrote on 29 feb

    1. No Result Yet…

      You don’t need to be frustrated. We hope they will release all the results of candidates.

  15. i recived an sms with my result but when i went online to verify, lo and behold i was told “you cannot see the result because you were absent” please any help cos im not in my right senses at the moment

  16. please adim am among 2016/2017 jamb candidate but i have nt see my result yet when i want to check it they will be telling me that i cannot see my result because i was invoved in lateness at hall what shall i do please if u can be checking it for this is my reg num 66356124HC

  17. pls admin i realy dont undertand this can it be possible for a candidate that did’nt submit before the sytem off receive their result pls becos am a victim i hve been checking all to no avail ”no result yet” does it mean that my work has been lost. pls help me reg. no 66054610IJ

  18. I sat for my jamb CBT exam on monday being 29th febuary but am yet to recieve my exam score on my mobile phone.My sister wrote the exam with me on the same day and has gotten her exam score as an SMS.I want to know the reason for this sudden outcome cox we were told to check our score 30mins after the exam.

  19. I wrote ma jamb on 27 February i ave nt seen ma result on till dis evening i got a text from jamb saying dat i score 182 ma question is abt d 40 marks if they ave added it on ma score

    1. Congratulations Yusuf Abdurrahman

      Chemistry = 90;
      Biology = 31;
      Physics = 51;
      Use of English = 78;
      Aggregate = 250

  20. Rahma Abdulrasheed

    I wrote yesterday 1st March 2016 its showing me no result yet pls help me check it. My reg no is 66365786IJ

  21. I did my Jmb exam on 1st of March. I did nt receive any msg til 3rd of Mar, so I went to check it online. I saw 178 which is impossible for me to get. I am sure dat I did better than what I got as a mark. pls me, what can I do?

  22. Sir, I dd my jamb exam on 1st March. I did not see any msg till dis time. I went to chk it on net bt d score I saw ws inconceivable because what I did was much mor greater dan the score(178) I am given. pls, help me sir, I’m totally confused. 66147582EI

    1. Hello Adekunle,
      Jamb will provide the opportunity for re-marking of scripts for people who are not satisfied with it.

  23. I wrot jamb on 27th of Feb. 2016 but i did not see my result 4 falure to submit after exam. pls can i see my result after Jamb?

    1. A lot of people who fails to submit their work have not seen their result. Please wait for Jamb to release official statement regarding this.


  24. i did my exam march 1 and i have not seen my result yet..i try checking internet but its say “no result yet”

  25. please mr admin i wrote my exam at iseyin oyo state and got there late and now whenever i check it online i see ‘ YOU CAN NOT SEE YOUR RESULT BECAUSE YOU INVOLVED IN LATENESS’ please what can i do cos this is my fifth and final exam as said by my dad

    1. The best option is to go for IJMB. Your 5th? Come on, there are other ways to get this Admission!
      We doubt that the results of ‘lateness candidates’ will be released.

      See the number at the top of this post, please call them, they can help if you are willing to study hard. You will gain admission into any school without Jamb.

      1. The problem have always been with my post jamb not jamb…and was even swindled but are you sure the result is not going to be released??

  26. mine is dat i want to check my result bt it keeps writing invalid pin or serial number.. and when i was writing,14 minutes to the end of the paper the screen just do one kine one kine and it just confuse me i ask the invigilator,all he told me was dats all

    1. Well, lucky you. Your result is out. Please go and print it out and also get the original jamb result slip.

      Congratulations Arubulu David

      Your Aggregate = 205

  27. morning, please jamb did not release my result due to the fact that i was late to the examination center. please what can i do ?

  28. Abdulrasheed Rahma

    I summited 14mins bf d end of my paper and was not involved in any malpractice my system did not encounter any problem nor was i late. Yet til nw its no result yet what shud i do my reg no is 66365786IJ

  29. yes admin but i submit it and after submiting it the computer log out its self……you can help me admin pls my reg number is 65673808CJ

  30. Tanks bro.. pls do u hv any idea of wen U.I post ume z due 2 cum up? N wats deir jamb cutoff mark 4 engineerin

  31. what should I take dis? destiny? 2015 jamb I did ws not as bad as dis. I had 258 last yr and 178 dis yr. Actually wen I ws doin my exam on 1st dis month, d system ws switching itself off and d invigilator ws telling me to start again. yes, it started again from wer it stopped. my result aftermath ws not appealing despite d fact dat I knew and I could explain into detail every single question I saw. I’m not from a rich family. who is going to fight for me? who is going to listen to my silly words? who am I going to ask for help? am I going to wait for anoda jmb? my eyes are full of tear and my heart is full of sorry. pls tel me wot to do sir cuz my life is being shattered

  32. Idriss Mahammed Ibrahim

    iā€™m in the same shoes with u..the timer
    was displayin few seconds left and
    before i could click de submit button,it
    submitted itself and now whenever i
    check my result,its stil saying same
    thing:no result going crazy&am
    scared,dont know what to do

  33. Have not seen my result and i wrote on it 5th Saturday 2016 by 9:30am and i follow everything they said we should do ….pls sir help me check mine 65393116EI

  34. i didnt get to submit after my exam cz it stopd after d tim was up n wen i asked i was told it automaticaly submited n up til nw iav nt seen my kips sayin no reult yet

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