Petroleum Training Institute, Effurun (PTI) Academic Calendar For 2018/2019 Academic Session

THIS is to inform the general public that the management of Petroleum training Institute, Effurun (PTI) has approved and released the Academic Calendar for the 2018/2019 academic session.

Petroleum Training Institute, PTI Effurun Academic Calendar

The Petroleum Training Institute, PTI Academic Calendar, first and second semester for the 2018/2019 academic session has been released and uploaded on the college website.

PTI Effurun Academic Calendar

The details of the calendar are as stated below;

PTI Effurun 1st Semester Calendar
Arrival Of New Students 5th November, 2018
Registration 5th – 6th November, 2018
Arrival Of Old Students 12th November, 2018
Supplementary Admission 19th – 23rd November, 2018
Lectures 19th Nov,2018 -15th Mar,2019
Christmas Break 24th Dec,2018 –4th Jan,2019
Arrival Of Nd Ii Students Form Siwes 4th January,2019
Orientation 10th – 11th January,2019
Matriculation 18th January,2019
First Test 28th Jan – 1st Feb,2019
Second Test 25thfeb – 1st March,2019
First Semester Examination 18th March – 5th April,2019
First Semester Examination 5th -21st April,2019
Consideration Of First Semester
Examination Results By Academic Board 20th May, 2019
PTI Effurun 2nd Semester Calendar
Arrival Of Old Students 21st April, 2018
Lectures August,2019 22nd April -9th
Student’s Week 20th – 24th May ,2019
First Test 27th – 31st May,2019
Completion Of Project Defence 15th – 19th July,2019
Second Test 22nd – 26th July ,2019
Second Semester Examination 12th – 30th August ,2019
Academic Recess (Vacation) 30 Th Aug – 6th Oct ,2019
Siwes 30th Aug – 6th Oct ,2019
Consideration Of Second Semester
Examination Result By Academic Board 14th October, 2019
Commencement Of First Semester
2019/2020 Academic Session                             – 7th October, 2019
Arrival Of Old Students 14th October, 2019
Convocation (For 2017/2018 ) 7 Th November, 2019

You can also CLICK HERE to download the PTI Academic Calendar to your .pdf enabled device.

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