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This post on postinor 2 side effect is to Educate our Young Girls of the danger of using this drug… Please PROTECT YOUR FUTURE FUTURES.

Must real for all Ladies: Unpopular Effect of Postinor 2 (Prevention that Pregnancy with brain)

Postinor 2 side effect

I am trying to guess what has triggered your clicking this link. I thought you would have ignored this page considering the loose title especially with that term-postinor 2.

postinor 2 side effect

But what are you actually here to read about; the shock effect or the drug? I am trying to judge you right now; you seem to be inquisitive about that particular popular chemist drug in case of next time of usage right?

Perhaps, the last time you used it was only the last few minutes ago and you coincidentally saw this link wishing to acquire more knowledge about what your favourite drug is doing inside of you right now, huh?

Well, don’t be intimidated by my many questions; I just felt extremely happy having you here because I know you will be a more informed person by the time you get to the last full stop of this article on postinor 2 side effect.

Well I want to believe you must have heard of this ‘wonderful’ drug before. Yes, you heard me right, “wonderful”! I choose to use that adjective because it is worth using for the preventive drug.

Have you ever imagined how much bastards would have been roaming on your street if all premarital sexual intercourse has resulted to pregnancy or the fate of our juvenile girls (in terms of abortion) who could barely boast of 5 credits in their O’levels but maintain a list of s#x compelling boyfriends on their latest techno phones?

postinor 2 side effect

That aside, do you know that couples who are unwilling to having more children but are unwilling to continually have s5x in whose act could have resulted to many more Almajiris’ patronise the chemist on your street for postinor2?

From close observation, condom is cheaper but postinor2 is becoming prominent because many of us want real, raw, hot whatever!

But what is Postinor2?

Summarizing the product review in my term, Postinor2 is a drug, a contraception medication which boast to have 95% efficacy of impeding pregnancy upon usage within a span of 24hours after sexual intercourse and 85% efficiency after 24hours but taken within three days.

The formula works like the female s3x hormone and hibernate secretions which could lead to pregnancy if taken at most three days after your last s-e-x without condom.

What are the shocking but unpopular effects of POSTINOR 2

postinor 2 side effect

You do not have to be excessive in usage for you to see the repercussion of Postinor2. Only a dose of the said drug has chemical capacity to coordinate your menstrual circle on your body’s behalf.

It can impede ovulation thereby scattering you menstrual calendar and redefining the normal happenings of your body which you are familiar with when menstruating.

Feedbacks deductions shows that the wonder drug can cause nauseating feeling which occurs in approximately 25% of users causing internal irritation and vomiting.

Other known cases are tiredness, breast inflammation, headache etc. Also, expect your next period upon usage of the drug to be pretty earlier and if by peradventure your period is more than a week late, be anticipating that the drug failed you (it happens in rear cases)-you may proceed to do a pregnancy test or you may have to consult your gynaecological for the reason of the seizure.

A number of ailment sufferers may avoid frequent use of the drug for their health reasons. Please make further research on Google or buy one at a nearby chemist to read the product leaflet from the manufacture if you so scare to know them in their numbers; mine is just to sensitise my site visitors about the unpopular dangers that comes with Postinor2.

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