Part 2: Common Mistakes that Leads to University Admission Failure: JAMB UTME Application and Admission Failure

THIS is a continuation of our series: Common Mistakes that Leads to University Admission Failure, How to Avoid Them in Your Jamb 2015 UTME.

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Prospective students seeking admission into Nigeria universities must apply through Jamb. Application for JAMB exam usually takes place between November to February every year. It has been noticed that those who apply early enough do not usually run into trouble. If you will be writing jamb I will advise that you apply early enough. In 2011 exam, many candidates institution were changed without their knowledge. Most of these cases if not all happened to late applicants.



Jamb Registration


In an attempt to strengthen the UTME exam, Jamb introduced other requirement into UTME. Experiences have shown that these requirements and other basic requirements play a major role in determining the results of candidates in last edition of UTME.

Let’s focus on these requirements and how you can ensure that you are on the saver side.

General Entry Requirement for JAMB

In addition to the specific entry requirements into each Institution, faculty or department, the following are the general entry requirements approved for admission into first degree courses for both UTME and Direct Entry candidates.

1. Applicants must write the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) and attain an acceptable standard in the Use of English (Compulsory) and three subjects relevant to the proposed course of study as set out in the relevant Chapters of this Brochure.

2. Candidate must in addition to attaining an acceptable standard in the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination obtain one of the following qualifications.

(a) National Examinations Council (NECO)/ West African Examinations Council (WAEC) Senior School Certificate (SSC) or the School Certificate/General Certificate of Education (SSC/GCE ) or equivalents with credit passes in Five (5) subjects relevant to the course and obtained at not more than two sittings; except where otherwise specified.

(b) Grade II Teacher’s Certificate (TC II) with credit or merit passes in at least Five (5) subjects.

Please Note That TC II is not acceptable for some courses in some Universities.

(c) National Technical Certificate (NTC), National Business Certificate (NBC) with credit passes in Five (5) subjects relevant to the course and obtained at not more than two sittings. For the purpose of NTC/NBC, a credit in any General Education subjects, trade related subjects and trade component subjects is equivalent to a credit in a subject.

A credit pass in Mathematics is required for all Science based and Social Science courses except where it is stated otherwise.

4. A credit pass in English Language is required for all courses except where it is stated otherwise.

5. Please note that a matriculated student in any University is not eligible to sit for the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) except those who are transferring from foreign Universities.

Biometric Thumb Printing

In 2011, JAMB introduced biometric thumb printing. Initially, there are lot of challenges that accompany the use of this device in registration and examination. However it appears now that JAMB has leaved above these challenges and biometric thumb printing has come to stay.

JAMB registrar Professor Ojerinde said biometric thumb printing is meant to checkmate impersonation and late coming.
According to him if your thumb printing reveals that you enter the exam hall late, your result will be withheld. In the last UTME, a lot of candidates were frustrated because the cybercafé that register them did not capture their thumb very well.

Some candidates were denied access to write the exam. So if you are registering, make sure your thumb is properly captured and that it is clear.

Also, make sure that the cybercafé you are using has successfully done so in the past. Make sure that your thumb is clear at the point of registration. If you do this it, is certain that you will not be denied access to the exam center.


JAMB requires that applicants should use passport less than 3 months. In many situations, few candidates consider this. Some even cut out picture and use it for registration. In some cases, after registering you now find out that the picture in the print out do not match the present look of the person.

The implication is that during exam, the invigilator may delay your entrance and claim that you are impersonating. Such delay can destabilize you psychologically and affect your performance, it is noteworthy too that passport you use for registration is what will be on your admission letter.

In some cases, the university may question the authenticity if the passport is not clear. In another word, you may lose your hard earn admission. Some scholarship boards too use to screen out applicants with unclear passport. Make sure your passport is recent, at most 3 months.

JAMB Personal Data


Jamb UTME 2015-2016 Registration


In this section, we will focus only on the names. Some students just apply using any name they like. Others because of change in religion use their new religion name, while others abbreviate their name. For others it is error during application.

All these discrepancies come with a price – admission denial. I will cite two examples to drive home my point here. A guy uses his Christian name as his name in his WAEC. When he changed to a Muslim he was given an Islamic name. When he registered for JAMB, he now used his Islamic name.

This guy passed JAMB and post UTME and was admitted to UNIBEN. However, he was not cleared because of the difference in the name in his O level and JAMB result.

What saved him was because he did affidavit and publish the change of name in a newspaper much earlier. Even with that it took the intervention of his lecturer uncle to save the situation. In another instance, a guy use his full

native name while applying for WAEC, during JAMB he abbreviation the long native name. After he was admitted the university refuses to clear him that the O level results and JAMB belong to different persons.

Imagine after passing JAMB & post UTME! So, what I am saying is that as much as possible, avoid discrepancies in your name. Make sure you use your full name i.e. whatever you use in WAEC is being used for JAMB and during post UTME application.

If for any reason, you want to change your name make sure you published it in a newspaper early enough before you write the JAMB exam otherwise the published item will not be accept as evidence. Also make sure you did an affidavit to reflect that and that it date back to a period you even write your JAMB.

If for any reason you don’t like your native name instead of abbreviating it, use the initial but if your native name is your first name than you have to use it like that. So, as you are applying for O level, decide now what you want your name to look like take note that if your name is too long JAMB will ask you to abbreviate it. So use the initial instead of abbreviating the name.

Don’t forget too that NECO usually drop the third name in their result so decide now which of your name should be your first name.

KEYPOINT: Make sure your name in JAMB tally with the one in your O Level. If you gave your form to a vendor (as in most cases), make sure your names are clearly written in capital letter.

Before submitting the form asks the vendor if he sees the name clearly. Take note that you cannot edit your names, date of birth, sex, state and local government area. A word is enough for the wise. You don’t want to lose your hard earn admission because of an avoidable mistake.

Choice of Center

In the UTME form, applicants are allowed to choose their exam state and town/region. A careful look at 2013 UTME shows that JAMB has further streamline the region by creation additional localities.

There are certain points you need to keep in mind when choosing your center. Make sure that the center is easily accessible. For instance, if you are leaving for the exam on the same day can you get there by there by 7.30am?

If you arrive late, you will not be allowed to write. Even if you are allowed to write JAMB will still cancel your result or withheld some of your subject(s) because your thumb printing will show when you enter the exam hall.

If you are living the previous day, do you have where to put up? So, you have to make such arrangement earlier.

Another thing to consider when choosing center is if the area or center has been short listed by JAMB as examination malpractice center or state.

In 2011 UTME, JAMB withheld about 22,664 results of for examination malpractices and further scrutiny. Registrar and Chief Executive of JAMB, Professor Dibu Ojerinde said the results of about 7,160 candidates mostly from Lagos, Rivers and Abia examination centres were questionable because of what he described as “centres of excellence” and that the results would be subjected to further scrutiny before they are released.

He stated further that a total of 15, 160, representing 1.014 % of candidates, who participated in the examination were involved in exam malpractices.

So if you put in for these centers don’t be surprised if your result is withheld or cancelled. You know, JAMB is very serious about fighting examination malpractice because they want to save face against the conduct of post UTME.

Even if you live in area mark as malpractice zone, you may want to go where there is no such scrutiny. It will be worth the stress and effort.

To be continue…. If you missed the first part – Click Here to read it.

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    • I wanted to ask, How can you make Mistake in your Gender? But I know it is a mistake… I really don’t know what to say, but your best choice is to visit any Jamb office nearest to you and lay your complain, and I know you will be given a favorable answer.
      Please let us know how it goes.

      Good Luck!

    • Hello, please I made mistakes in my direct entry form. instead of me to put NCE and upload My NCE result, and I put ND/HND without result what can I do to solve that

  • Sir. I have been admitted. Durin jamb registration there was a mistake on d arrangin of my name. Instead of Akinolu John eniola. They put Akinolu Eniola john. D same tinz apply to my Neco. Plz i really want to change it. What can i do?

    • Hello John,
      First, congratulations on your admission.
      You can change your names arrangements by getting affidavit from a Court and take it to the respective bodies. (i.e. Jamb and Neco office)

      Getting affidavit from the court cost about N500 to N1,000.
      Let us know how it goes.
      Best of luck.

      • Please my jamb passport is not clear on paper , and it was taken at an accredited jamb centre wif their system , please will this affect my clearance or is there anything tha can be done abt it at an jamb office

  • My case is like ebenezers own,i filled the form in a place I thought that that is Jamb official center so a mistook of my gender occurred,I want to nearest Jamb center they told me to go own with it since I have other documents like birth certificate,that Jamb will know that it is an error but I’m scared of outcomes,what will I do?

    • If Jamb official said you should not worry about it, then I think you have nothing to worry about. When the time comes and it become necessary to change it, then you will need to go to the court, or go back to the officials.
      But I pretty sure it will not cause any problem.

  • plz i made a mizztake wit my LGA instead of kolua ama itz kolokuma…..i got 210 i dnt kno if dat will affect my admn …..both town r bayelsa

  • fanks alot,,,,wen do dy normaly wyt post utme in NDU…..(nigr delta uni) ave check nd check buh no HiNt

  • plz my name is Kennedy Godwin sabbath fr waec bt in jamb the mistake is Kennedy Godwin _udongwo_ plz wat can I do ?

  • Please how will i know the date that i used in my jamb registratioin despite i loss my registration pin

    • Hello Kabeer,
      I know it can be fixed, please go to any NECO office nearest to you and lay your complains.
      Let us know if you got it fixed.

  • My jamb passport is blurr on paper cause d accredited centre snapped it with their system , please will this affect clearance or is there anyfin tha cn be done abt it in d jamb office

    • If it not that blurr… And the human eye can see the person in the picture, then you don’t have a problem, but if it is too blur, then please go to Jamb Zonal office, am sure they can do something about it. But it will not be free.

  • Pls it happened i had no birth certificate and did affidavit last year with the date is had been using but later found baptism card and d date was also different but d issue is dat I used d date on my baptism card instead of doing 1 on my affidavit during reg 4 jamb and post jamb ,got my admission but scared it might affect me beening dat I must present d affidavit for clearance

  • Pls it happened i had no birth certificate and did affidavit last year with the date is had been using but later found baptism card and d date was also different but d issue is dat I used d date on my baptism card instead of doing 1 on my affidavit during reg 4 jamb and post jamb ,got my admission but scared it might affect me beening dat I must present d affidavit for clearance….

  • Pls it happened i had no birth certificate and did affidavit last year with the date is had been using but later found baptism card and d date was also different but d issue is dat I used d date on my baptism card instead of d 1 on my affidavit during reg 4 jamb and post jamb ,got my admission ….

  • Pls help used different date of birth for my affidavit and registration will it affect my clearance .

  • Pls advise me on what to do my name is abdulrouf abdulazeez that was the name on my waec result ,i just discovered it that on my jamb result, it was abdulazeez abdulrouf and i have been offered admission into unillorinwith abdulazeez abdulrouf

    • I don’t think there is going to ba a problem with that, you just need to stick with your first name and surname.

  • pls I made a mistake in my waec dob instead of 5/1/1998 it was 1/1/1998 nb the format is d/m/y will this affect anythin

  • Pls can someone still use 2014 NECo result to apply for 2016 jamb, my question is that the result is it still valid ?

  • i made a mistake on ma waec registration. DOB..instead of 1996…its 1997.. its been 3yrs now nd I got admission. did affidavit 2 days ago…. dunno if it will affect. please help?

  • Please I made a mistake in the arrangement of my name in waec…is it really necessary for me to do affidavit before my jamb examination or what? Pls help me out

  • It was a mistake made by registrator instead of writing sadiq he wrote sodiq during my jamb registration

  • Hell0 sir i have a problem with my jamb name….. Their was a mistake in my jamb spelling name, instead of Hassan Ibrahim Adedayo. It was written as Hassan Ibrahim Adetayo in my jamb registration. So have been told to do an affidavit so i want to ask what name will it be on my school register. S0 please explain everything to me.

  • pls; i give 1990 in my Waec as my date of birth while 1987 in jamb, but WAEC date of birth was a mistake from the principal. what is the penalty for this???

    • There is going to be complications. The only solution is to find a way to change the one in WAEC… Or that in Jamb.

  • pls sir , I hvnt written waec yet, but in my iamb form I want to remove Igbo subject that I put and put government (for waec). pls wat can I do ,time is no longer by my side

    • Hello Amara,
      If it is your Jamb that you want to make the change. Please visit Jamb zonal office nearest to you and they will guide you on what to do.

  • continue- since I realized that I don’t need a Nigerian language (Igbo) for masscomm in weac. plsss sir reply quickly ..I need your help thanks.

  • Hell0 sir i havea problem with my jamb name….. Their was a mistakein my jamb spelling name,instead of Hassan Ibrahim Adedayo. It was written asHassan Ibrahim Adetayo in myjamb registration. So have been told to do an affidavit so i want to ask what name will it be on my school register. S0 please explaineverything to me.

    • Hello Bello,
      Please visit Jamb zonal office nearest to you and let them know you made a mistake and they will guide you on what to do.

  • Pls sir, whats the validity of waec. As in how many years can waec be left before entering unversity

    • This is taken directly from WAEC official website.

      (17) Q. What Is the official life-span of WAEC Certificates ?

      A. WAEC certificates have no expiry date.

  • please i need help. The person that registered me put as female instead of male. Wil i b alowed to write the exam

  • pls Sir I went and put my middle name in jamb but in my waec I did not write it will it affect me

    • It may affect you.
      But you can put it and then have an affidavit ready at all time to proof it is yours/your name.

  • My Name Is Emmanuel Ofegh
    But In My Jamb I Added My Middle Name Prince But In My Waec Its Just Emmanuel Ofegh pls Will This Affect Anything??

  • sir my name is Asadu chinwendu Ajiako but! it was miss spell in my neco result as Asadu chinendu Ajako. old what should I do. please what should I do

  • Plsss my waec reads afolabi damilare Micheal and neco is afolabi damilare Michael and I combined them together plss hope it won’t affect.. Plsss check the spellings of my name.. Hope I will be cleared in school

  • Please my both waec has different names on it Osai Rita.G and the other Osai Rita Chinonso will it give me issues in school

  • Please I want to change d state of origin I used fr my waec and jamb will I need affidavit for the new state of origin

  • Please I used olaitan boluwatife in my jamb and my o level olaitan boluwatife Victoria please and am applying for unilag do I have problem

  • How do change my date of birth,my result is out already but am scared it will affect my admission

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