Nsuk Riot Update: Nasarawa State University Shut Down Indefinitely!!

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Update on NSUK Riot: The Students of Nasarawa State University, Keffi, this morning as we reported Here clashed with soldiers after they protested over not having water for many days on campus. The school authority called in Soldiers to restore sanity, but alas, instead of that, the soldier made a peaceful protest get worst… (can the parents of those students who were killed in the Nsuk Protest, Sue the School? This is the question asked on our Facebook page)

According to the report, about 3 students are feared dead, (How can you ask Soldiers to calm down students? Are soldiers human enough to be around youngsters?

It is reported that the soldiers allegedly went to the off campus hostels to harrass and beat up students. (this is what soldiers are met to do, Harass and Beat Up People!! Not calm them!!)
As a result of the Riot, the Nasarawa State University has been closed down indefinitely.

The Governor of Nasarawa state, Tanko Almakura, have since advised all students of the school to leave the school premises with immidiate effect till further Notice.

As if that is not enough, We received report from Ebonyi State University that the Students Burn and destroy SUG BUS over Increment of School Fee… Read Full Details Here

Here is what some Students of Nsuk are saying.

*** Unarmed students, soldiers with guns and bullets, this is incredible!!!!

*** That’s my Alma matter; so sad this is happening now I guess the New vice chancellor is not performing well because throughout my stay in the school from 2005 to 2009 when Prof. Adamu Baike was VC there wasn’t any kinda Riot. And to the Soldiers; that’s how they behave especially in Keffi Nasarawa State, they are power crazy.

*** Could the campus security not handle this issue? Calling the army was uncalled for and just plain stupid! The army personnel don’t have regard for human lives, I doubt they know their job description! They are meant to protect the citizens not bully, torture and kill us! Everything here is done backwards! I mean, it’s absurd calling the army!!!

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Nasarawa State University Shut Down Indefinitely!!