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Npower Recruitment 2020 – How To Register for N-Power Programs

The application portal is now open for interested applicants who wish to enroll for the 2020 Npower recruitment exercise. This guide will give you up-to-date information about the steps and procedures to follow in order to successfully complete your Npower application.

npower recruitment

You’ll understand what you need to qualify for 2020 Npower recruitment, how to go about your application, what programs are available to you, what is the duration of the program, how much do Npower volunteers receive as their monthly stipend, and also what are the terms of service of NPower.

If you’re interested in having all this information, then keep reading…

The Npower leadership has opened the portal for interested applicants to apply for the Batch C recruitment process.

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Npower Recruitment Portal Guideline

Below you’ll find all you need to know about the process for a successful application.

Npower is a flag-off of the National Social Investment Program (NSIP) initiated by the Federal Government in 2016. The aim was to reduce unemployment and improve the economic and social atmosphere of the country.

The program is designed not only to grant employment opportunities to hundreds of thousands of Nigerian unemployed graduates but also to impart skills and improve the employability of the Nigerian Youth. The program also serves to strengthen the available workforce in key government agencies and parastatals thereby improving their productivity with the increased available manpower.

In case you’re still wondering when the portal will be opened to begin registration, you’ll find out shortly. As I mentioned earlier, all your questions about Npower will be answered in this article. We’ll answer questions such as the requirements, documents needed, duration of the program, etc.

This article will give you answers about the following:

  1. Has Npower opened the portal for recruitment?
  2. How do I apply as a graduate for the 2020 Batch C Npower recruitment?
  3. What is the official portal for Npower 2020 application?
  4. What are the guidelines and recruitment procedures for Npower Batch C recruitment?
  5. What is the deadline for Npower 2020 recruitment?

Now you can visit the official Npower recruitment portal to signup (see link below).

According to the statement made by the President, Maj. Gen. Muhammadu Buhari, the main objective of the NSIP program is to clamp down on the growing rate of unemployment in the country. He stated that the Social Investment Programs being rolled out by his ‘Change’ administration will absorb about 2 million unemployed youths into various skill development and acquisition programs.

Npower, a program spearheaded by the Minister of Humanitarian Affairs and Disaster Management, Haj. Sadiya Umar Faruk is an arm of the NSIP that comprises other social development programs such as the School Feeding program and Trader money.

According to the Honourable Minister, the program will guarantee that all volunteers emerge with better employability status by the end of their enrollment. She assured me that the program is designed to enhance skill acquisition and personal development.

She was optimistic that this will, in the long run, ensure the sustainable development of the economic policies of the government by improving the per capita income of the nation.

The Npower program is also expected to boost the economy by emphasizing the home-grown feeding program of this administration. Npower volunteers in the N-agro category have the opportunity to serve as extension workers in rural communities thereby boosting the local inputs of the farmers.

The N-Tech, N-Build, and N-Creative volunteers get to access world-class training and mentorship, after which they’re issued Certificates thereby becoming certified nation builders who can apply their newly acquired skills anywhere in the world.

What you need to know about Npower

In a bid to reduce the nation’s growth rate of unemployment, the NPower program was approved by the Federal Government in 2016. The program was slated to last for two years, and it is expected to have elevated 2 million unemployed graduates from unemployment before it’s termination.

This is in line with the government’s social investment programs (NSIP) for the nation. The program was expected to serve a dual role of reducing unemployment and also filling the gaps in various government ministries which lacked sufficiently funded manpower.

Npower currently has 500,000 youths absorbed into its payroll. The batch A volunteers have already spent over 40 months, as against the initial 24 months planned for. The Honourable Minister supervising Npower already announced the transition of the Batch A volunteers into various entrepreneurship schemes on Tuesday, June 30th, 2020 while the Batch B will follow shortly on 31st of July, 2020.

The current Batch A and B volunteers were spread across various categories grouped into the Graduate category and Non-Graduate category.

The graduate category comprises the N-Teach, N-Health, N-Agro, and N-Tax. They are posted to various primary health care boards, Government secondary and primary Schools, revenue service boards, and extension workers in various farming communities.

The Non-Graduate category comprises N-Build, N-Tech, N-Creative, and N-Software. They are placed in paid training programs for a period of 6 months in an ‘earn as you learn’  working environment.

You may be having difficulty in deciding which category suits you most, below we’ll give a detailed explanation on the various Npower programs presently available for both graduates and Non-Graduates. Just for those wondering how to choose which option serves them best.

Available Npower Programs for Prospective Volunteers

Npower Programs for Prospective Volunteers

  • Graduate Category

The Graduate category of the Npower is called Npower Volunteer Corps while the Non-Graduate Npower beneficiaries are grouped into either N-Build or N-Knowledge categories.

Let’s take a dive into how these various categories are designed to function and their various responsibilities. It’s very important to know what you’re expected to do and how to go about your responsibilities as a potential Npower volunteer.

  1. Npower Graduate Volunteers: They are also referred to as the Npower Volunteer Corps. This program is interested in going, able-bodied, and agile Nigerian graduates between the age of 18-35. It doesn’t matter where you graduated from, as long as you’re a graduate of a Nigerian University, Polytechnic, College of Education, or Monotechnique.

The volunteers are posted to various places of primary assignment depending on their program of selection. This is a paid volunteer service and so, as a volunteer, you’re entitled to a monthly stipend.

Your place of primary assignment (PPA) will be somewhere close to your residence for ease of mobility so you’re expected to fill your preferred state and local government area for deployment as your current location.

Please Note that NPower does not permit or entertain requests for relocation after selection. You are advised to choose your preferred state of residence for your deployment.

Another cool benefit of being a volunteer is that you’re availed of the opportunity to select a preferred electronic device that will assist in your service delivery. Although only batch A got their devices and batch B got stories, batch C might be lucky.

The Batch A volunteers had about 9 devices to choose from: ranging from Afri-1 tablet to iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Techno Droid pad, etc. You as an enthusiastic volunteer can hope that such devices will be approved for this new incoming batch.

The Npower graduate Volunteer corps are further grouped as N-Teach, N-Health, N-Agro, and N-Tax. They are all posted to relevant government agencies and departments to discharge their duties.

Let’s consider the role of each volunteer group.


The N-Agro volunteers are called ‘Agricultural Extension Workers’. They provide support services and local assistance to farmers in various farming enterprises. They are trained to supply the farmer with information on how to boost their farm production by improving farming operations.

The N-Agro volunteers also accumulate data on d number and accessibility of local farmers, as well as their various farming operations. They send this information to the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development for further actions.

This goes to say; as an extension worker with Npower, you can motivate the government to supply local farmers with farming inputs to boost productivity, and also connect the farmers with bigger marketing opportunities for their products.

Now that I caught your interest, you may be wondering: ‘how do I know if I’m qualified for N-AGRO?’

All that is required to qualify as a Npower N-Agro volunteer is a degree or Diploma (both HND and OND) from a recognized university or polytechnic. Also, your course of study must be related to Agriculture such as Agronomy, Agric Engineering, Horticulture, Food Science, Forestry, Nutrition, etc.

All N-Agro volunteers are first trained for a minimum of 2-weeks in an induction training program and are issued Certificates upon completion. By so doing, even after Npower, you can continue to offer your services as a certified Agricultural Extension officer or even a farm manager.

N-Agro was previously a 2-year program but there are indications it has been slashed to 6-months. No official reports have been made but this information is on the Npower N-Agro portal.


The N-Health is another interesting group of volunteers under the Npower Graduate category. They are deployed to the primary health care centres in their area of residence to serve as health caregivers to nursing mothers, children, as well as expectant mothers.

They aid health care personnel by complimenting their efforts in improving the health condition of the local community. Your role as an N-Health volunteer is to help the nurses and doctors in attending to the patients in the various health care centres.

To qualify, you need a degree or Diploma in any medical field such as Medicine or Nursing. They also accept related courses like Microbiology, Public Health, Biochemistry, Medical Lab. Science, etc.

Special consideration is given to those who attended a school of Midwifery or Health Technology.

N-Health volunteers are subjected to an induction course similar to that of N-Agro, and also awarded Certificates upon completion. There are special job opportunities that await any Npower Health volunteer who successfully completes the induction course. The experience gained during the 2-year duration of the program can be of added advantage in pursuing other similar career jobs.

As a successful Npower Health volunteer, you can pursue a career in Health Promotion, Medical Counseling, or even as an HIV and other deadly diseases Awareness Educator.

The N-Health program lasted for a period of 2-years for the previous batches but there are rumors that it has also been slashed to 6-months.

Head to for more clarification.


The N-Teach volunteers are required to augment the work of the State Universal Basic Education Board (SUBEB) in every state.

Volunteers are posted to the government established primary schools in their places of residence to complement the available teaching staff in imparting basic knowledge to the pupils.

You, as a volunteer, will be expected to assist in classroom responsibilities. Therefore you’ll be assigned a specific subject and class to teach.

The objective is to have volunteers who are knowledgeable in key areas of learning related to the recent STEM curriculum (science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) impart some of their knowledge into the pupils. Those having computer skills such as programming, data analysis, computer networking, and Computer appreciation are also required to impart their skills to the pupils.

By so doing, the volunteers do not only serve as agents of nation-building but also contribute to widening the horizon and Mental aptitude of their students, giving them an opportunity to see the world from a different view.

Npower N-Teach program is available to all degree and diploma holders as well as NCE Certificate holders. Volunteers are also trained for the first 2-weeks on the ethics and disciplines of the Teaching Profession. They are inducted in the moral obligations of a teacher and afterward, issued Certificates of the induction after going through the induction course.

The N-Teach program is expected to remain for 2-years  although rumors making the rounds also suggest it’s about to be slashed to 1-year. Following the completion of your volunteer period with Npower, you will have gained adequate experience in the field of Teaching.

You can choose to pursue a teaching career in the future with the relevant experience acquired. Other career opportunities for an N-Teach volunteer include becoming a full-time teacher, a consultant for educational purposes, or even a Researcher.


This was introduced during the Batch B recruitment process in 2018 as a group of Npower volunteers who will work directly under the Federal Inland Revenue Service. One of the areas of challenges facing the nation is proper documentation and record-keeping for all government agencies. As a result, there is inequality in the process of tax collection and evaluation.

The N-Tax volunteers were therefore mandated to work with the FIRS and seek to ensure compliance with directives by the Federal Government about Tax payment and registration.

The primary role of the Npower N-Tax volunteers is to encourage prompt and accurate tax payment by Nigerians. They were mandated to recognize and encourage the punctual and dedicated tax payers, and also fish out those who were negligent so that appropriate measures can be taken to ensure they’re encouraged to pay.

The inclusion of the N-Tax program into Npower saw the enlistment if a total of 3,700 N-Tax volunteers who were trained and inducted into the system. They were selected to serve as Community Liaison Officers under the various tax authorities in their localities.

The N-Tax volunteers served as service representatives in their various places of primary assignment.

The requirement for this option is a degree or Diploma in a finance-related field such as Accounting, Banking and Finance, Economics, Law, and other social science disciplines.

You are required to not be younger than 18 and not be older than 35 at the time of application.

All volunteers are required to have basic typing skills and know-how to work with office packages such as Excel and Microsoft office word. It is also important to have good use of English, and self-confidence.

The program was designed to last through 2-years. However, depending on your activeness and hard-working spirit, you have a very good chance of being absorbed into the FIRS permanently.

Of you do not get to be placed on a permanent appointment however, you can always pick up other similar career paths such as being a Financial Advisor, An accountant for a firm, a compliance officer, or a Tax Assessor.

Npower Non-Graduate Category

The Npower Non-Graduate Category is for the majority of the Nigerian youths who have no degree, Diploma, or any other formal tertiary education.

This category of beneficiaries has the opportunity to develop a previously learned skill or a trade that has been of interest to them. It is a paid learning platform designed to encourage the hard-working Nigerian unemployed youth to become self-reliant and established. The Npower Non-Graduate Category is further divided into N-Knowledge and N-Build.


The N-Knowledge is an innovative approach by Npower to absorb those who are inclined about technological empowerment and enhancement initiatives. The program seeks to encourage the improvement and development of technology using the most recent global methods of learning. Those interested in this category are further broken into cell units, depending on individual choice of selection.

Are you inclined towards graphic designs and animations, software and hardware installation and development, or general Computer system knowledge?

Then the N-Knowledge is for you.

Those selected under this category will be required to learn and work under the close supervision and mentoring of the innovation hubs set up all over Nigeria. The aim of the program is to fast track the development of technological endeavors in the country.

The N-Knowledge program is further split into N-Creative, N-Software, and N-Hardware. As mentioned earlier, it is not a volunteer offer, beneficiaries are paid a monthly stipend during the period of their training at the end if which, they are dispersed into the real world market place to put their skills into good marketable use.

Let’s consider the peculiarities of the N-Knowledge sub-category…


This program was facilitated to train young Nigerians in creative skill acquisition programs such as AutoCAD and Animations, Graphic designs, content development, and scriptwriting, etc. The program kicked off by training a total of 5000 young people in its initial kickoff.

The training program lasts for three months. The first month is an intensive training period while the remaining two months involve practical project Execution both individually and also in paired groups.

The beauty of this program is that it gives the beneficiaries the platform to build a skill that can be used to gain international recognition through hard work and dedication. After the training program, your projects could earn you juicy job offers with national and world-leading firms or you could build your own company winning contracts home and abroad.

To easily land yourself the juiciest trainee and internship opportunities both locally and Internationally, you can make your research on the list of firms that offer such opportunities to Nigerians.

The requirement for N-Creative is that you must be less than 35 years old when you’re applying. You need basic skills related to this program, or atleast be interested in learning the mentioned skills. You should also be creative, innovative, and tech-savvy.

The career opportunities for anyone who successfully completes this program are endless. You can become a graphics designer, Animations Expert, a studio editing professional (both audio and visual), or a content writer, scriptwriter, etc.


This platform was able to enhance and improve the career options of 10,000 Nigerian youths who were a part of the batch A Npower beneficiaries. The program is interested in those who have a Knowledge or are interested in computer hardware installation and repairs.

The purpose of the program is to train and equip young Nigerians who will become Computer Hardware Engineers. This will go a long way in reducing unemployment and improving the living standards of 10,000 Nigerians.

The program is not only interested in boosting computer hardware Technology, but also trains and equips the beneficiaries in the hardware engineering of mobile devices such as mobile phones, tablets, iPads, etc.

This program seeks to improve the ICT industry and Hardware mobile telecommunications Technology of the country. Successfully trained participants will not only be empowered to lead a successful career in hardware Technology, but also have the right platform for national and global recognition.

Who is qualified to apply for N-Hardware?

You are qualified if you are between 18-35 years old and you have a genuine interest in the hardware component of digital devices. It doesn’t matter if you’re not holding a degree or Diploma because the opportunity is open to graduates and Non-graduates alike. Just be a confident, self-driven individual with the discipline to learn and excel, and you’re good to go.

N.Tech- Software

This is another Non-graduate Npower program similar to its N.Tech-Hardware counterpart. It was rolled out in 2016 and was successful in training another 10,000 young Nigerians in the field of software development and engineering.

The program not only trains enthusiasts to become developers, but it also equips them with the necessary materials and the right environment needed to excel in the world of computing and programming.

Beneficiaries are trained in an intensive skill acquisition environment on the rudiments and basics of software development and marketing, targeting both local and international markets.

Although this arrangement is beneficial to those who are willing to leave no stones unturned in their quest for success, true success relies on each individual’s ability to convert the training received into marketable business endeavors.

The program will not employ you once you’re done with your training, it is up to you to build a career path for yourself in the field of software engineering.  What the program seeks to achieve is give you the necessary ‘wings to fly’.

The period of training is expected to last eleven months during which you are exposed to the most recent tools and methods of software development. This foundation gives you the confidence and basis of emerging a successful software developer.

The climax of the training is a get-together organized to bring participants and global stakeholders in the software development industry for a chance to showcase new talents for promising business partnerships.

Do you wish to be enrolled in this category?

You have to meet the eligibility criteria first.

You have to be below 35 years and above 18 years old, tech-savvy, diligent, well organized, and possess a keen eye for detail and be enthusiastic about problem-solving.

So what are the career options for an N.Tech-Software beneficiary?

The career options available to you as an N.Tech-Software beneficiary include becoming a programmer, a cybersecurity expert, systems analyst, data processor, Networking Professional, an app developer, web developer, game developer, etc… The opportunities are endless, you could even become a part-time or full-time teacher, imparting your knowledge into others.


The N-Build sub-category of the Npower was introduced to accommodate the Non-graduate unemployed Nigerian youths who have no interest in Technology or innovation but are quite interested in other ‘hands-on’ skill acquisition opportunities.

The platform seeks to enhance artisans, building Engineers, construction experts, and others who are into building equipment and utensils using aluminum and other metals.

The program is interested in raising a well-motivated workforce of Technicians who are trained to become successful entrepreneurs.

Eligibility is of the same age bracket as the other Npower programs. In addition, you need to have a basic knowledge of building and construction. Prior to your application, you must have been involved in buildings and fixings, construction and woodwork, designing and crafting, as well as general maintenance work such as welding, plumbing, etc.

What are the General Requirements for Npower Application?

General Requirements for Npower Application?

All Npower programs are designed to improve the standard of living of Nigerians, increase the per capita income, lower the unemployment rate of Nigeria and improve the employability of Nigerian youths by offering them innovative and technical skills and tools that will provide them with the necessary foundation and platform to become a competitive workforce in the global marketplace.

The Npower website clearly states that all Npower programs are for Nigerian youths between the age of 18 and 35 who are unemployed.

Also, you are required to meet the basic requirements for your preferred program of choice (in the case of graduate applicants and the N-Build sub-category).

To confirm your eligibility, you must:

  1. Express your preferred area of interest (choice of Npower program that you wish to apply for). You can’t apply for two programs at once.
  2. You must meet the required standards by having either your O’level Certificate or a degree, diploma, NCE cert, and whatever other educational backgrounds you posses. Npower does not accept awaiting results, so, have your Certificates at hand.
  3. You must be willing to remain dedicated and hard-working, always ready to push yourself to achieve results. Npower greatly frowns at those who abscond the training program or their PPA. You risk being disengaged from the program if you’re caught.
  4. For the Non-graduate category, you need a basic knowledge of the skill you’re applying for. If you have no previous experience, you should at least have the flair for it.
  5. Those applying for the graduate category must have a minimum Degree, Diploma or NCE Certificate from a recognized Nigerian University, Polytechnic, College of Education, or any other recognized higher institution.

What you should possess to apply for the Graduate Npower programs.

  1. Be between 18-35 years old
  2. Having previous knowledge of Computer programs such as designs, Office packages, Animations, etc. will be an added advantage.
  3. Those applying for N-Creative, Scriptwriting option should have a flair for scriptwriting and other forms of writing.
  4. Applicants must be goal-driven, possess a winning mindset, be diligent, have an analytical mind, and be innovative.

Any Other Questions you may have…

  • What are the stages of Npower recruitment?

As a Npower applicant, you start your journey by submitting your application.

Next, your details are verified with your BVN. After this, those that were screened successfully will proceed to write the test/exams.

Successful candidates are then required to login to their NPVN portal (Npower volunteers’ Network).

After you log in, you will be deployed to your place of primary assignment where you must be interviewed and your documents verified.

Next, you’ll be required to post your deployment letter and national I.D on your portal to be processed into the payment platform.

After successfully posting these documents, you will be onboarded. And after your payment is verified, congratulations, you’re now enrolled as a Npower volunteer.

  • How do I know I’m qualified for a Npower program?

Please look at the general requirements mentioned earlier. If you meet them, then you’re very qualified.

  • How will I be contacted if my application was successful?

You will be contacted via your email, and through SMS to your phone. Ensure you have access to the phone number and email you used to apply and always check on them for updates.

  • What of those who are suffering from one disability or the other, can they apply?

Yes, they can, but it is important to send feedback through email stating the particular disability you’re having so that it’ll be considered with your application.

Detail of the Screening Process

Before the screening process begins, Npower will make a public announcement to inform all successful applicants about the dates set aside for the screening. Always keep yourself up-to-date by paying attention to Npower’s official social media handles for updates.

This usually happens after the conclusion of the screening tests/exams. Those who performed well in their tests are invited for a physical screening. Ensure you’re present at the venue if the physical verification with all your documents complete and ready to avoid being disqualified.

Now I’m ready and wish to apply for Npower, what should I do?

apply for Npower

  1. Head to and input your email and preferred password.
  2. Wait for a confirmation email or simply go-ahead to login with the details you just created
  3. Fill the recruitment form with accurate details.
  4. Upload your recent passport-sized photograph and a valid means of identification which could be a national I.D card/NIN slip, Permanent Voter’s Card, driver’s license, or an international passport.
  5. Verify your information and submit.
  6. Wait and pray to be shortlisted.

After application, what’s next?

A date will be set aside for successful applicants to write an online test/exam.

The test is designed to reflect your chosen program.

This who were successful during the online test will then be invited for physical verification.

And that’s all you need to know about the Npower recruitment process. End you follow the guidelines mentioned here to have a successful application.

Best of luck!

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