Nigeria Varsities not Listed in Top 1000 Best Universities in the World plus Pitiful State Of Nigerian Universities (Photos)

Breaking News: Nigeria Varsities not Listed in the Top 1000 Best Universities in the World plus Pitiful State Of Nigerian Universities (Photos)

What is happening to Nigeria Universities? Pictures speak more than a 1000 words, the below photos of the Institutions in Nigeria will show you the pitiful states our Universities is in.
Despite the fact that we are the giant of Africa and being the most populous nation in the African continent, no Nigeria University is listed in the Top 1,000 best schools in the world. (can you imagine??)

Do you know why? it is because our education system especially Nigeria universities is in a mess, all thanks to the Federal Government and Academic Staff Union of Universities.
The deplorable infrastructures in some of our schools have been captured in photos. It is Unbelievable, but it is the simple truth! Please read the photo captions in green.











You can tell from the above photos that our Institution needs a total change, and the change can only happen if the Federal Government, and the minister of Education decide to keep their personal interested apart and build up our Universities!
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