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Nigeria Student: Procrastination is a lazy man’s apology


I was in my friends room reading because my room had light issues and there was no light. My friends room was just a stone’s throw to mine so I decided to spend the night there to do some reading.

I was at the table reading when one of my friend who was also a colleague said that I should leave the table that he wants to read. He was actually sleeping and said He will be coming up to the table the next 5 minutes. He slept off, wake up again and still said the same thing.
In a nut shell when he was able to get up was around 6am.

I chose to share this to point out something to us which is very vital.
I have heard that ”Procrastination is the thief of time” but just recently I heard that ”Procrastination is a lazy man’s apology.”

Many people today have great ideas in mind, they have great things they want to do which is even burning as a passion but one thing that has stopped them is procrastination.
Like my friend who was procrastinating the decision to get up from the bed, many people are indecisive in the things they want to do so their great ideas becomes just a wish bankrupt of action.

Check your life today, what are the things you should have achieved but because of procrastination is still yet to be done?
I want to finish that topic we did in class but yet to do that, I want to wash my clothes but yet to do that. There are so many ” I will or I want to do this but few I have done that.”

The cure to this is a formula of DECISION + DISCIPLINE + ACTIONS = RESULTS

Make sure when ever you want to do something, you are able to wake up after 5 minutes to do that thing because if you understand that time lost can’t be regained then you can know that you’ve procrastinated enough.

The best time for a decision to be a child of God ready for heaven is now, the next 5 minutes might be too late.

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