Nigeria Polytechnic Strike Update: ASUP strike meeting Postponed till 24th June, 2013?

The latest report reaching us is that the Nigeria Polytechnic Strike will Still go on until the Federal Government come to agreement with the ASUP demands? Please do not get bothered about this news, as we already reported in our previous post, ASUP and FG will hold meeting on the 24th June, 2013 and not 17th June as some misleading websites portrait it. We want to inform all the general public and all the Students not to get worried about this until the 24th June.

I have friends who are students of different Polytechnics and they have been at home doing nothing for the past 2 months (or is it more than 60 days already?)

Sometimes we wonder why most Parents are sending their children to Ghana Universities? and sometimes to overseas to study? This is one of the major reason!! Well, we hope and pray that this meeting yield positive result. Whatever it is they are fighting for, may God touch their heart and Head to know that our kids, brothers/sisters and friends are at home doing nothing. team will let you know when Nigeria Polytechnic Strike is called off. Please share this news with our friends on twitter and Facebook by clicking on the like buttons below/above this post.

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