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Statistics of Illiterate Nigerians Stands at 65 million – Shekarau

In 2013, Chief Nyesom Wike, then minister in the Education ministry said that the number of illiterate adults in Nigeria was 35 million.

Nigeria 54 Independence DayNigeria illiteracy Rate

In 2014, a report was published online by the CIA World Factbook claiming that almost 75% of the world’s 775 million illiterate adults are concentrated in ten countries (in descending order: India, China, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Egypt, Brazil, Indonesia, and the Democratic Republic of Congo).

The report went further to say that the number of literacy rate of Nigeria was 78.6%, 84.4% male literacy rate while 72.7% represents the female literacy rate bringing about an 11.7% gender difference.

This morning, I read another report by a former minister of Education, Shekarau that the statistics of Illiterate Nigerians stand at 65 million. Considering our official population of 140 million-plus, isn’t this new report worrisome for a country as great as Nigeria???

Does it mean no tangible step has been taken since 2013 towards improving the literacy of Nigerian citizens?

I will like to hear from you,great students of this great nation, Nigeria. What do you think could be done to arrest this trend so as to improve the literacy of the Nigerian citizens?


2 thoughts on “Statistics of Illiterate Nigerians Stands at 65 million – Shekarau”

  1. In my own candid opinion as a concerned Nigerian, free education should be given to all from primary level to tertiary level and most importantly, the money recovered from our past leaders should be channelled to the education sector. More money should also be bugdeted and allocated to the sector for this will give everyone equal opportunity to go to school thereby reducing the high level of illiteracy in our dear country Nigeria.

  2. Personally,im ranked among the preceding illiterates published here because im not meet financial standards to approve me a university student rather a graduate. I hope to be contacted.
    But I uphold that if the government should make a proper scruting and observe youths to apply for any school choice with the govt backup/sponsorship,it will alleviate the predicament.
    For older people the govt make a placement by giving them help to do any job of their capability. FREE EDUCATION ALERT,I suggest.

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