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NIGERIA @ 54: The Change we Can Effect!


Happy Independence day to my fellow Nigerians worldwide. The Northern and Southern Protectorates of the colonial Nigeria was amalgamated in 1914 and became a Federal Republic in 1963. We finally got our Independence in 1960. Nigeria 54 Independence Day Celebration – A must read.

We have actually gone a long way since 1960. This nation has gone through the crucible and furnace. We thank God for His sovereign grace upon us.

The problem does not lie in he challenges but our inability to learn from them. We have suffered from both bad leadership and bad followership.

Nigeria 54 Independence Day

Corruption has eaten deep into the system. We need unity, love, peace and harmony. Let it begin with you and I in our own little corners. The era of complaint should be over. Let us grant our nascent democracy a fertile land to grow and blossom.

Let us inculcate the virtues of honesty, integrity, transparency and hardwork. Let us not stop to pray to God for this great nation. A new Nigeria is a possibility, it begins with you and I. God Bless Nigeria!

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