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Nigeria 54 Independence Day Celebrations

SHALL WE CONTINUE TO COMPLAIN? An interesting article by Amadieabasi Udofã.

There has been a plethora of arguments about Nigeria’s Independence Day Celebrations over the years. Many people have lambasted the current state of Nigeria using cases of corruption, insurgency and whatnot to drive their points home, while questioning the sense in “celebrating independence in a dependent Nigeria”.

To say that Nigeria is currently a struggling nation is in this case, stating the obvious. Corruption is everywhere, most people argue but fail to understand that 80 percent of the blame should rest on the masses.

Charity, as the old saying goes, begins at home. The food wrappers we litter on the streets and in public places when there’s a dustbin nearby? accepting and giving bribes? Cheating shamelessly in examinations, Blackmail and deceit? The ‘white’ lies we tell that eventually metamorphose into despicable ones?

Nigeria 54 Independence Day

These are indeed questions we should ask ourselves. These are vices we all at one point tend to delve into and could be observed even among primary school pupils

Here’s an example for examination : the driver who doesn’t have proper documents is wont to try and bribe policemen (those who accept) when he is flagged down at checkpoints. Later on, the same person complains about issue of corruption and bad governance. Who then in this case is corrupt?

The main reason why Nigerian policemen demand for bribes is because we Nigerians have given them that option. We should learn therefore to say an assertive “No”.

It is therefore only regrettably dreich that these crimes are regarded as benign and go relatively unnoticed when practiced at the grassroots but unforgivable when practiced at the helm of affairs.

Our leaders were once members of the common folk, most of them graduated from the same corrupt University system where cheating is rampant. Is it not the same mentality they took up there? Surely, old habits die hard. This is plain hypocrisy!

let us all do close examination on ourselves and try to remove the logs in our eyes. Today’s First world countries for all their glory and glamour, haven’t had it any easier. It first of all starts from believing.

Nigeria 54 Independence Day

That said, I am not unaware of our challenges and shortcomings as a nation. No, they haunt me too. We should, however understand that nothing has ever been made right by complaining.

A better Nigeria will not evolve from wars, fights, tongue lashing and blaming our government, or tribalism. However, to quote Fabius Offor Obiora , A good Nigeria will [only] come from a good you and a good me’

My brethren, there is every reason to celebrate Nigeria today. Join me as I raise my glass to Nigeria’s bright future.

God bless Nigeria.

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