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MoneyGram Tracking – How to Track your Transaction Order Online

MoneyGram Tracking? Simple, you can find the status of any of your transaction by entering its authorization or reference number, and your surname in the required column and boom! it is done.

moneygram tracking

Moneygram is one of the safest way to transfer money between two accounts. The good thing is; you can send and receive funds via MoneyGram from any part of the world.

Tracking your transaction on moneygram is crucial as it will keep the sender and receiver mind at peace.

For those who are not aware, Moneygram has a mobile app that you can use to send, receive and track your transactions with a smartphone, tablet or Pc. Could it get better than this?!

Customers with active MoneyGram account can login to view/track their transactions. If you are on the receiving end, and you don’t have an account, you can use either the authorization or reference number track & pick up the package when it arrives at your destination.

How to send money from Nigeria to Any Bank Account Around the world

MoneyGram now allow customers in Nigeria (and others as well) to send money directly from their respective local bank account(s) to more than 400 banks across the globe.

To send money to any bank account with MoneyGram money transfer, please follow the procedures below;

1. Find a MoneyGram Location around you.

2. Visit the money gram office and bring the following information along;

i, Your national I.D
ii, You should also bring the full name and the location of the recipient.
iii, The amount you wish to send and the transfer charge.

Note: if you want to send money to the recipient’s bank account, you also need to bring the recipient’s bank name and account number.

3. You will be given a form to complete. Thoroughly enter all the necessary details and give the agent the completed form as well as the transfer fee.

4.  Send the 8-digit number to the recipient. With the digit number, the recipient will be able to track and pick up the money order when it arrives.

How To Receive MoneyGram In Nigeria

If the money was sent to your bank account, then, you have nothing to worry as the money will automatically be deposited in your account and be available for withdrawal or other purposes.

How To Receive Money From A  MoneyGram Location

What happens if you are send money via the MoneyGram office?

Simple, just find a MoneyGram agent location. You will be issued a form, enter the 8 digit reference number and complete the form, hand over your valid photo I.D with the transfer fee to the agent and it will be process.

MoneyGram Tracking: 4 Simple Steps

If you want to if your money has reached MoneyGram pick up point,  follow the steps outlined below

1. Click Here moneygram tracking site.

2. Enter your reference number & other necessary details.

3. Click on the “Track Button”

4. The status of your transaction and the estimated time for pick up will be displayed. When your package reach its destination, you’ll be notified to pick it up.

What is their Transaction Limit?

You can only send up to $2,999.0 per day and up to $2,999.00 every month. (note; this is subject to change anytime, so you are advised to confirm from the official website always).

MoneyGram Locations In Nigeria

241 igbosere Road Lagos Island
Tel: 014622633

Enterprise Bank
Wesley House 21/22

Zenith Bank PLC- Epe – Epe
Lagos Road 22/23
Epe, 106101.

Skye Bank PLC -#942 – Campbell Cash CEN

FBN – Stock Exchange
Customs Street Lagos.

Fidelity Bank PLC – Lagos Island BAMGB
No.6 Bamgbose Street
Lagos Island
Number: 08095393774

EcoBank – OKE- Arin
7 Sanusi Olushi Street
Oke Arin
Lagos, Island

The above are based in Lagos only. Please visit the official website for locations in other states.

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