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MMM Crash in Nigeria – MMM Nigeria and How to Get your Money Back!

MMM Nigeria Crashed – How to Get your Money Back!

It is no longer a secret that the ponzi scheme called MMM Nigeria has crashed! And a lot of people will be looking for ways to get their money back. Well, we will get to that part at the end of the post.

Although, most MMM Nigeria participants believed that it will bounced back on the 14 of January 2017. Do you even believe that? (Only time will tell). But if you ask me; MMM Nigeria is officially a thing of the past now.

“Mind Your Business” MMM Nigeria Participants warned a few days before the crash. Only if they could see the future. (Watch the video below)

mmm nigeria crash

Between, I love the song, part of it reads; Mind your business, I borrow money, to do MMM (mind your business) etc. Watch it! Enjoy it!

And guess what… This video was published a few days (precisely on the 10th of December 2016) before the crash.

How to Get your Money Back from MMM Nigeria

I spoke with one of the guider and he said a lot of things which I will publish very soon. Don’t Panic, he said; MMM Nigeria will open on the 14th January 2017. We will see.

This post will be updated soon….

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