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Common Mistakes that Leads to University Admission Failure, How to Avoid Them in Your Jamb 2015 UTME


Part 2: Common Mistakes that Leads to University Admission Failure: JAMB UTME Application and Admission Failure.


In simple statement, this report is design to address the major causes of University admission failure from application for O level to JAMB UTME screening. The need for this guide cannot be overemphasized against the backdrop in the ever increasing number of students seeking admission into Nigeria Universities. It is a known fact that the population of Nigeria students seeking admission into the Universities increase from year to year.

In 2009 a total of about 911,653 candidates applied for JAMB. This number increased to 1,092,324 in 2010. And finally rose to 1,493,604 in 2011. This number continues to grow annually. For instance, in 1999 it was 417,773, in 2000 it was 461,548 and 764,138 in 2001.

This increase has led JAMB, NUC (Nigeria Universities Commission) and Universities in a helpless situation. As a result of this, Federal Government, States and Private Individuals or institutions continue to introduce more universities every year. Presently, there are 36 Federal universities, 36 State universities and 45 private universities.

In addition to these, according to NUC bulletin, there are over 50 illegal degree awarding universities operating in Nigeria. Don’t forget that there are just six universities in Ghana. This statistics do not put into consideration over one hundred Polytechnics and Colleges of Education in Nigeria.


Jamb Registration


There are many reasons why prospective students miss admission every year despite the transparency in the admission process. One of the reasons is because each university must adhere to the quota given to it by NUC (Nigeria Universities Commission).

Out of the 1,735,720 candidates that registered for the 2013 Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination, UTME, 1,540,179 candidates had their results released as 738,375 candidates have already crossed the 200 marks bar, even as the results of the 36,000 candidates that wrote computer-based tests have not been made public.

However, Tertiary institutions across the country, declared that they could only admit 704,000 students out of more than 740,000 candidates who are qualified to be given admission for the 2015/2016 academic year having scored 200 and above.

It has been observe that while very few students get admitted at their first application, majority others have to apply time and again say up to five times.

After a thorough research, interview, observation and experience, we have been able to identify major causes of admission failure into Nigeria universities.

The purpose of this guide is to identify and analyze solutions to the major causes of admission failure into Nigeria Universities.

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O Level and Admission

O level result is a basic requirement for admission into Nigeria universities. However, experiences have shown that many students play down the importance of O level result.

In connection with O level result, many factors are responsible for admission failure. This is especially the case because many students apply to university through JAMB without considering the factors. Let us discuss some of these.

Personal Data

Personal data is in connection with the registration. Every year, due to lack of proper orientation, thousands of students miss admission. In this section, we will only focus on names used in registration.

First of all when filling form for registration, make sure you write your name in capital letter and that it is clear. Before you submit the form ask the attendance if there is any letter that is not clear and correct that.

If you are filling the form online by yourself, make sure you enter the names correctly. Another thing to keep in mind is choice of names.

Some students change their names the way they like. Some claim they don’t want to use their native names while others simply prefer an abbreviated form of their name especially the native one. Some change their native name to a foreign name while others simply want to drop their third name.

There are some that change their religion either from Muslim to Christian or Christian to Muslim. Whatever is the reason, determine the name you want to use in your O level now. Take note that the name should be consistent with the one you use in other O level result and in your JAMB result.

Any discrepancies can make you lose your hard earn admission. If for any reason you want to change your name, make sure you follow due process. It may be helpful for your admission someday.

The process involves swearing an affidavit and publishing the change of name in a national daily. The time you do the change of name can also determine if that will be accepted by the institution. For instance, if you change your name after writing your O level, make sure you publish the change of name before you apply for JAMB with the new name.
These are little details but they have determined admission in many cases.

O Level Sittings

Another point to keep in mind especially before applying through JAMB to a university is to consider the no of O level sittings.jamb 2013 biometric verifications result is out

Some universities accept one O level result. Others accept only two combinations. Before you apply to JAMB, you need to find out if your choice university accepts two sittings.

If your preferred university accepts just one sitting, then you have to work hard to make your result in one sitting. If your preferred university accepts two sittings you

have to make sure you have the basic subject in the two results. Some universities also consider O level grades before offering admission. Before applying for O level examination or JAMB, you need to find out if the university you intend going consider O level grades for admission.

If that is the case, work hard to make good grades otherwise you will have to change your choice of institution.

One way to find out if a university considers O level for admission is to call the admission office or ask from someone in the university or check through JAMB brochure.

Another way is to check their method of application for post UTME. If it is required that you fill your O level grade, then they may consider the result before giving you admission. Also take note that some universities do not accept awaiting result.

O Level Result Combination

There has been much question whether certain universities accept a combination of WAEC and NECO. The truth is all universities are mandated to accept the combination of the two results.

However, if a university does not accept two sittings then it becomes a challenge for them to even accept the two results. There has been report though of university refusing to accept a combination of WAEC and NECO.

So my advice is before you apply through JAMB to any university, find out if they accept a combination of WAEC and NECO. If they don’t, you will need to apply to a university that accepts two sittings.

O Level Subject Selection


waec 2014 results is out


Wrong combination of O level subject is one of the major courses of admission failure. Imagine someone who has scale through JAMB and Post UTME just to be denied admission.

So when preparing for O level examination there are certain points you need to keep in mind whether you are using awaiting result in your JAMB or you already have a result. You must make sure that the result gives you flexibility to choose different courses.

For science students, selecting O level subject is not usually difficult. In most cases, the combination reflects Mathematics, English Language, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Agric Science, Economics, Geography and one language subject.

But that is not so with Art or commercial courses. Before you select your O level subjects or before you apply through JAMB, you have to find out the right O level combination for your choice course. This information can be obtained from JAMB brochure.

When checking for O level subjects in JAMB brochure, take time to check special consideration (waiver) remarks. Another thing to keep in mind is that the subject requirement for some universities is not available in JAMB brochure or updated.

In that case it is appropriate to find out from the university the O level subjects for the course. When selecting your O level subjects, select a combination that will give you flexibility i.e. that will allow you to clear into different courses. This is especially important because in some cases, the university will not give

you first choice course. So, while selecting your O level subjects, you need to keep in mind up to four related courses that they may admit you to.

If you already have your O level you may have little choice in this area. Let us take two examples to drive home my point.

For example, if you want to apply for Law, you have to carefully select your O level subjects so that it will allow you to clear to other courses.

A combination like Mathematics, English Language, Economics, Literature in English, Government, Geography, Economics, Agriculture, C.R.S and a language subject will allow a student to clear to courses like Law, English & Literature, International Studies & Diplomacy, History, Mass Communication and Philosophy.

So if in place of Law you are given any of the courses, you will still be able to meet the O level requirements.

For Science, a combination comprising Mathematics, English Language, Physics, Biology and Chemistry will allow you to clear to almost all the courses in Science Faculty.

For those applying to commercial courses they need to exercise some caution. Three Faculties usually overlap into this i.e. Administration, Social Science and Management Sciences.

If your result can have at least Mathematics, English Language, Economics, Government, HiVstory, Geography, and other subject you will be able to do Accounting, Economics, Economics & statistics, Political Science, Sociology & Anthropology, Banking and Finance, Public Admin and others.

However, in all situations, you need to check JAMB brochure especially the special remark column. In that way, you will not be left in the dark with respect to course selection when filing JAMB form.

Part 2:

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