Ministry of Education Merges CRK And IRS Into One Subject!

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Breaking News: Ministry Of Education Merges CRK And IRS Into One Subject, Nigerians React

The Federal Ministry of Education of Nigeria in her effort in reducing the workload of primary and junior secondary pupils, it was learnt that subjects like Christian Religious Studies (CRS) and Islamic Religious Studies (IRS),Civic Education, Social Studies, and Security Education will now be merged into one compulsory subject known as Religion and National Values (RNV).

Ministry of Education Merges CRK And IRS Into One Subject

This move by the Federal Ministry of Education has attracted mixed reactions from Nigerians both home and away. While some see it as a welcomed development, others see it a move in the wrong direction.

According to one of the many commenter, She said and I quote “This plan will fail in core northern states because no teacher will dare teach an Almajiri about Jesus Christ that will not have his head on a pike the next day.”

“It will fail in SS/SE because No teacher there will be able to teach students Qur’anic education because they don’t even know it and will NEVER learn it.”

“It will be a success in the SW because of religious tolerance that they espouse.”

Nigeria is going downhill…

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