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Latest NYSC News: NYSC (Youth Service) Increase to 2 years!- Federal Government

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The latest news reaching is that the Federal Government are making arrangements to increase the Serving years of National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) Members from one(1) Year to two(2) Years.
So they can serve their country even more better.
The NYSC members will be serving for 2years after graduating from higher tertiary Institution.

This news was broadcast on Ray Power News. (Radio Station). team are still trying to confirm the authenticity of this information and we will definitely keep you all all updated…

Come to think of it, if this is implement, are we going to spend the best part of our life serving our Country Nigeria?
After Serving for two years, is there a guarantee employment waiting for us?
Your guess is as good as mine??

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Federal Government to Extend NYSC Youth Services to Two Years?


  • all the serve dat we don serve we no see any changes. Dis new policy cannot brought any changes. It will just increase the rates of bribery and corruption in the country, because it cannot supreme, it only be confined to the middle and the lower classes. Moreover this should not be the next agenda in the education sector, I think dis issue should be a refrendium,so that people can delibrate it before ratification. Since changing of umilag to maulag did not work, dis will never work.

  • It is not in the best interest of Nigerian youths to serve their fatherland for a whopping two years period!This is because our tertiary institutions have failed in terms of maintaining a stable academic calendar to ensure that students graduate at the right time,this is as a result of the incessant strike actions often embarked upon by the various academic bodies in our tertiary institutions.So our institutions continue to churn out old men and women most whom ar left with no option than to resort to age falsification so as to be able to secure jobs since employers of labour often give preferrence to younger graduates.So if the FG must carry out its plan,it must first guarantee jobs for the youths after service aside increasing their allowances to a reasonable amount.Alternatively the government can make policies to compel employers of labour not to place emphasis on recruiting younger graduates but extend their age limits to accommodate older ones some of whom ar even more intelligent and vibrant.

  • All these talk about NYSC, increment of allowance, extension of the service year is causing a kind of heart attack to some of us serving our country today; i think instead of talking of extension of the service year , the FG should look into the allowance of corp members serving their father’s land first as a form of motivation, then the service year can gradually be increase.