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100+ Latest Ankara Styles For Men and Women

Most week-ends are build-up with activities all over the world that attracts people of every age. Men naturally dress in a suit were a lot of skill has gone into making the outfit.

The ladies, on the other hand, have every reason to display how cute they are because they attract the eyes more than their male counterparts.

The Latest Ankara Styles That Will Change Your Appearance

Latest Ankara Styles

It doesn’t really matter which school you belong but since the dress code of many events and the activities lined-up for most events can drag you physically to be at the event. If for any reason, you decide not to show up at the event because of other pressing commitments, the discussions alone on the dress code which doesn’t go away easily, must be of interest to you. African Ankara is always the topic because it is the fabric that is worn on many events especially by the womenfolk.

Not surprisingly, it is not in Africa that the fabric is making waves but in many different countries all over the world.

In this time and age, designers are crafting and pushing out into the market different types of Ankara fabrics. When worn by the ladies, it blazes the eye and indeed a great sight to behold. You will be surprised by what you see when you dig the internet.  We have just a few latest designs to show you in the hope you will be convinced.

The Halter Neck Ankara Dress

The halter neck dress is a design you will surely love when you see it.  Even if you are not attracted to it by the way it looks, you will love it by the noise it makes when it is worn for an occasion.  We recommend that you give it a try even if you are not totally convinced with the way it looks but a trial will convince you because they say that the taste of the pudding is in the eating.

The Off-Shoulder Mixed Print Dress

When you combine colors, the Ankara beauty is at its best.  When the color combination is right, you will love it and definitely will attract more attention to yourself.  The trick here is with the designers, when they make the style stand out, the beauty of Ankara is more visible.

The Gypsy Elastic Dress

The gypsy elastic dress is a borrowed design from far away from the Caribbean but blends favorably with other designs.  The combination of the design with Ankara fabric is classic and its attraction goes beyond the shores of the African continent. Wear it to an important event, the atmosphere of that event can never remain the same.

The Ankara Bomber Jacket Styles

If you are looking for a trendy appearance, the bomber jacket is a good one for you. You can relax in it but its colour is going to amaze you and even impress your critics.

The  Co-Ord Set

This outfit has different options of wearing it, and you can select any option and will discover that each option is almost better than the other option.  The Co-Ord Set is simply appealing to the eyes and can be worn for different occasions.

The Dolman Sleeve Jumpsuit

The last but far from being the least on our list is the Dolman Sleeve Jumpsuit. The Ankara fabric can go places today because any design can conveniently be made with Ankara unlike in yesteryears when Ankara was the design for the low-income group of West Africa.

With the Dolman Ankara Sleeve Jumpsuit design, Ankara is at its best. Whenever you wear this design in Ankara fabric, you are admired everywhere you go.

Dutch wax (Ankara fabric) is today a few of the fabrics that offer a wide range of options in designs for all events: parties, wedding events, church services and other occasions that call for a special dressing code. Ankara is universal and so no enemy of anyone; even the kids and the aged love it. What you have seen here are just a few of the designs you can make from Ankara, believe me, there are many other designs that you can make with Ankara materials and you can view it from this website.

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