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LASPOTECH News: Gov. Fashola Orders The Closing down of Satelite Campuses of Laspotech!

The Governor Babatunde Fashola, has instructed that all the satellite campuses of the Lagos State Polytechnic, Ikorodu (LASPOTECH) within the state be closed down.

He was in consonance with the directive of the National Board for Technical Education, the supervisory agency for all polytechnics and monotechnics in the country.

Fashola made this clear during the inauguration of the first phase of LASPOTECH College of Technology Complex on Thursday. He said the reason is to enhancing quality and sound delivery of technical and vocational education in the state.

Staffs and lecturers of the polytechnic protested immediately because the decision would affect the fortunes of the institution as a large percentage of the institution’s internally revenue comes from the pro banned campuses.

Below is the statement of one of the Lecturer
“It is going to affect all of us. Some of us get extra pay for working at the satellite campuses, the polytechnic get a large percentage of its IGR from the programmes while a lot of Nigerians who love higher education but could not get it through the conventional institutions would also be denied of the opportunity offer by the campuses.”

The Rector of LASPOTECH, Dr. Abdulazeez Lawal show similar view but he said that the decision would not affect the polytechnic negatively. He added that the state government is after quality education and more fund will be given to the polytechnic as a result of the action.

So what will happen to Students who are currently there in the Laspotech satelite campuses? Will they be dropped when the institutions closed just like the part-time students?

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