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Kogi State University, (KSU) 2012/2013 Academic Calender For All Students

The managements of Kogi State University has released her KSU 2012/2013 academic calender for all the departments.

Below is the Kogi State University 2012/2013 Academic Calender

* First Semester (100-500L STUDENTS):
Sunday 25th November 2012

* Arrival.
Monday 26th November 2012 -Friday 7th December 2012 Normal Registration.
3rd December 12 lectures begins for 200Level to 500Level Students.
* Monday 10th December 2012 lectures begin for 100 Level Students. Late Registration begins for all students on the same day/date.

* Monday 17th December 2012 Late Registration ends.

* Saturday 22nd Decembe 2012 to 1st January 2013 Christmas Break.

* Thursday 3rd January 2013 Lecture Resumes for all Students.

* Friday 22nd March 2013 Lectures ends for all Students. (13/14 wks)

* Monday 25th March 2013 Examination begins

* Saturday 6th April 2013 Examination ends/semester 2nd Semester ends.

* Sunday 21st April 2013 Arrival of all Students.

* Monday 22nd April 2013 Lectures begins/registration Begins

* Monday 13th May 2013 End of late Registration.

* Friday 26th June 2013, End of lectures(14wks)

* Monday 29th July 2013 Examination begins

* Saturday 10th August 2013, End of examination/Session.

*Important Notice* /BGST/CSC/EDS Exams Begins in the Preceding week.

Courtesy of PROF SS AROGBA(Director Academic Planning)

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